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Re: Dr. Ambedkar converted to Buddhism
By:Iftekhar Hai, California
Date: Tuesday, 31 December 2019, 10:19 pm
In Response To: Dr. Ambedkar converted to Buddhism (Waheeda Naz, India)

You are 100% correct. Arab Muslims do not treat Muslims from non-Arab countries as equal to them. They also think that we can never understand the Quran because it is in Arabic.

Arab & Wahabi scholars from every Muslim country do not think there is Pluralism, Democracy and Freedom of Religion applicable to modern days conditions.

In my message about "constitutional Islam" in America, I would add that only a small minority of Arab 'ulama, though a majority of Arabian "scholars", teach that the People of the Book are kufar or non-believers.

A majority of Arab scholars (but not Shi'a), however, teach that the Eastern religions (Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and even the Ismailis and Bahai, and perhaps even most or all branches of Sufism, are not legitimate paths to Allah or legitimate guides for the application of compassionate justice.

In fact, until recently most Arab scholars until the past century have either been ignorant of or actively opposed the use of the human intellect or reason in acknowledging the pluralistic message of the Quran. This was the great conflict between the Mutazillites (rationalist) and Salafis (traditionalist) a thousand years ago and the 'Asharites failure successfully to mediate.


Mu'tazilites believed that good and evil were not determined by revealed scripture or interpretation of scripture, but rational categories that could be "established through unaided reason; because knowledge was derived from reason, reason was the "final arbiter" in distinguishing right from wrong.

The Salafi movement or Salafist movement or Salafism is an ultra-conservative reform branch or movement within Sunni Islam that developed in Arabia in the first half of the 18th century. It advocated a return to the traditions of the "forefathers.

Ash'arism or Ashʿari theology is an early theological school of Sunni Islam based on clerical authority and rejection of cause and effect reasoning.

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Iftekhar Hai, California -- Tuesday, 31 December 2019, 10:19 pm