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Mountain of corpses
By:Muhammad Rafi. Karachi
Date: Saturday, 28 December 2019, 5:41 am

*.....A Mountain of Corpses and Bones...*

*-Haider Mehdi*

From *"...... You are free; you are free to go to your temples. You are free to go to your mosques or to any other places of worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion, caste or creed—that has nothing to do with the business of the state....*

*"......We direct the law enforcement agencies to strive their level best to apprehend the fugitive/convict and to ensure that the punishment is inflicted as per law and if found dead, his corpse be dragged to the D-Chowk, Islamabad, Pakistan and be hanged for 03 days.....*

Captures in sickening and horrifying graphic imagery the story of our fall from the lofty ideals of the Quaid to the crass insensitivity and animal like hatred oozing from the words penned by Chief Justice Wajid Seth of the Peshawar High Court, donning the black robes of a profession which today does full justice to their colour.

The attack on the Punjab Institute of Cardiology by members of this same "honourable" profession of lawyers to which the Homourable Chief Justice Wajed Seth belongs, manifested the same, inhumane, barbaric and cruel animal like behaviour as manifested in the words penned by the Honourable Chief Justice and quoted above from Gen. Musharraf's judgement!

That Gen. Musharraf was guilty of declaring Martial Law and suspending the constitution in 1999 and 2007, there's no doubt.

That Gen. Ayub in 1958, Gen. Yahya in 1969 and Gen. Zia ul Haque in 1977 were also guilty of similar acts, there's no doubt!

That they were illegal,
extra constitutional and ultra vires of law, there's no doubt!

But, wait for a moment my dear "honourable" Lordship Seth saheb!

This doesn't, very conveniently, stop with them or their *"uniformed aiders and abettors"* as you slickly slid in.

If these Generals were guilty, as defined under Article 6, then so were all those Lordships, your predecessors, who spinelessly, slavishly and equally if not more treasonously and treacherously, provided these military rulers with constitutional cover and legitimized their takeovers.

If anyone's corpses, living or dead or their bones have to be dragged or desecrated in the cruel manner you so poetically penned, inspired by a judgement meted out to Oliver Cromwell, then it should be of all those *"illustrious" "honourable men in black"* who provided legitimacy to these military generals.

In Gen. Musharraf's case, perhaps amongst the first and foremost who should be tried for High Treason, under Article 6, is former Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry, part of the infamous twelve member bench / gang, bench of "Honourable" Supreme Court Justices, who sanctified and legitimized Gen. Musharraf's take over in 2000.

It is these men and their corpses, if some have kicked the bucket, who should be dragged, kicking and screaming and strung up, if Gen. Musharraf's bones and corpse has to dragged and strung up in D Chowk!

It is these "Honourable" Judges who sold their souls and everything simply to remain in office under a military ruler!

In case people have forgotten here are their names of that infamous gang of 12 who legitimized Gen. Musharraf's military rule in 2000.

1. Chief Justice Irshad Hassan Khan.
2. *Justice, later Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry.*
3. Justice later Chief Justice Mohammed Bashir Jehangiri.
4. Justice Sheikh Ijaz Nisar.
5. Justice Abdur Rehman Khan.
6. Justice later Chief Justice Sheikh Riaz Ahmed.
7. Justice Chaudhry Mohammed Arif.
8. Justice Munir A Sheikh.
9. Justice Rashid Aziz Khan
10. Justice, later Chief Justice Nazim Hussain Siddiqi.
11. Justice Qazi Mohammed Farooq.
12. Justice later Chief Justice Rana Bhagwandas.

But perhaps the most serious charge from amongst the above 12 is against former Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry.

This "honourable" man who after his spat with Gen. Musharraf, subsequent events proving the correctness of Gen. Musharraf's referral of his case to the Supreme Judicial Council and dismissal, turned his ire against the general into a judicial absurdity in retrospectively redefining Article 6, holding Gen. Musharraf guilty of the 2007 proclamation and conveniently whitening the evil he and his fellow 11 conspirators had committed in 2000 in legitimizing Gen. Musharraf's take over.

Emininet jurists contort themselves into amazing legalist gymnastics to justify the above absurdity, hypocrisy and whitening of an equally heinous act of treason as has been laid against Gen. Musharraf for his 2007 proclamation.

But the simple fact is this.

All 12 "honourable" judges are as guilty, if not more of "High Treason" and therefore their "corpses and bones be dragged and hung for three days in D Chowk", as penned by "Honourable" Seth saheb, if Gen. Musharraf is guilty of that crime and this sick punishment!

And what of the infamous Chief Justice Mohammed Munir and his gang/ bunch, sorry, "honourable" bench, who whitewashed Gen. Ayub's Martial Law, except with the honourable exception of that great jurist, Justice Cornelius?

A gentle memory jog, "Honourable" Peshawar High Court Chief Justice Wajid Seth saheb, lest you forgot, here are the names of those 4 out 5 spineless men in black robes who let loose military adventurism, which they could have nipped it in the bud by not legitimizing Gen. Ayub's takeover!

1.Chief justice Mohamad Munir
2. Justice Mohammad Sharif
3. Justice S.A.Rehman
4. Justice S.M.Akram
5. *Justice. R.Cornelius The only honourable exception who refused to endorse Gen. Ayub's takeover*

And what about the Chief Justice and the gang/bunch, honourable bench of nine Supreme Court Judges who validated and legitimized Gen. Zia's military takeover?

Another memory jog, "Honourable" Chief Justice Seth of the Peshawar High Court, here are the names of the gang of 9, your worthy predecessors, who validated and legitimized Gen. Zia's takeover.

1. Chief Justice Anwarul Haq.
2. Justice Waheedudin Ahmad.
3. Justice Mohammad Afzal Cheema.
4. Justice Mohammad Akram.
5. Justice Dorab Patel.
6. Justice Qaisar Khan.
7. Justice Mohammad Haleem.
8. Justice G. Safdar Shah.
9. Justice Nasim Hassan Shah.

Need not we remind our Nation of the terrible dark role played by our Superior Judiciary in legitimizing every military take over, including Gen. Musharraf's takeover?

Need not we remind our nation of the hypocrisy of former Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry in absolving him of the serious crime of 'High Treason" as an aider and abettor, as defined by his own judgement?

Need not his "corpse and his bones" and that of his fellow judges be dragged and hung for three days in D Chowk, for this act of treason?

And what about all those politicians who scampered to the side of these rulers, became part of their cabinets and government, thus legitimizing the "civilian / political " credentials of our military rulers.

Here is a roll call of some of these "Honourable" people who adorned the palaces and courts and bed chambers of our military rulers. No better than the handmaidens, mistresses and prostitutes who sold their souls and their bodies to powerful potentates.

1. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.
2. Nawaz Sharif.
3. Shahbaz Sharif.
4. Ch. Shujaat Hussain.
5. Ch. Pervez Ilahi.
6. Sharifuddin Pirzada.
7. A K Brohi.
8. Gen. Musharraf's Law Minister, Zahid Hamid.
9. Chief Justice of the Islamabad High Court, Athar Minallah who was a Minister in the KP Government during Gen. Musharraf's tenure.
10. Fazlur Rehman.
11. The vast majority of current and past parliamentarians, who were part of the National assemblies under Gen. Ayub, Gen. Yahya, Gen. Zia and Gen. Musharraf.

A huge number now in the PMLN, PMLQ, PPP, PTI and other parties.

I'm angry, of course I'm angry.

Not as much because of the inhuman, barbaric, cruel and insensitive language used in the judgement.

Not as much because Gen. Musharraf, despite his act, subsequently legitimized, was and is a patriot, a brave soldier who, despite many errors of judgement, didn't consciously sell out, Pakistan.

I'm angry at the crass and criminal hypocrisy of our judicial system and those who pretend to deliver justice.

I'm angry at the hypocrisy of a bench, headed by 'Honourable" former Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, which retrospectively redefined Article 6, absolved himself and his fellow judges of all wrong doing in legitimizing Gen. Musharraf's 1999 takeover, cleaned their dark consciences, scapegoated Chief Justice Dogar and his bench for legitimizing the 2007 proclamation and then were hailed as champions of democracy.

It is this sickening hypocrisy which makes me and many others very angry. Very very angry!

The judgement against Gen. Musharraf was and is, extremely flawed.

Not because Musharraf is guilty or not guilty but flawed because it is clearly a witch hunt against one man, by a bunch of petty men, who today move freely under the fluttering Pakistani flag because of the dying breaths of the soldiers of this Army whose soul has been seared by the choice of words.

I am angry because this judgement has unleashed an anger that may harm Pakistan.

I am angry that this judgement has deliberately poked and provoked an institution, which after many many years is desperately trying to help the current administration in rebuilding this country, atoning for the sins of its past leaders, and today headed by a Chief, who believes in total civilian supremacy and also desperately trying to help and put things right.

I'm angry because this judgement may cause schisms within our one and only institution which has survived the rape, battering, loot and plunder of the Sharif's and Zardari and what they represent.

If the Special Court, trying Gen. Musharraf had impleaded everybody, involved in aiding and abetting military rulers from Gen. Ayub's time onwards, but, especially the bench which legitimized Gen. Musharraf's takeover in 1999, and then sentenced all of them to death alongwith Musharraf, and "had their corpses dragged and hung for three days in D Chowk" one could have said that this was a historic judgement to warn any future military adventurism aided and abetted by a Supreme Court and civilian politicians from ever supporting such a misadventure.

But here's an even bigger issue.

Treason is always against the State, of which the Constitution is one part.

*The Constitution is not the STATE*.

*If anyone other than those mentioned above are to be hanged for treason. Its Nawaz and Zardari for selling the interests of the country and it's people and their loot and plunder of the State.*

The former hand in gloves with Modi, Doval, Jindal. Never said a word against Kulbashan, shared state secrets and highly classified information with his daughter Maryam Safdar, which reached ears and eyes not supposed to see or hear them.

The latter, as President, appointed a known Indian mole, Hussain Haqqani as Pakistan's Ambassador to the USA, then giving him shelter in his official Presidential residence during his trial, allowing him to escape in the Presidential plane, defended by another so called now late "Honourable" Asma Jehangir. And in respect to her departure from this world, I hold my views and opinions about her very seriously questionable role!

*Chief Justice Seth saheb your judgement calls for a mountain of corpses and bones in D Chowk.*

So let the games begin!

سنا ھے لاش سے لڑنےکاعزم رکھتا ھے
قسم خدا کی یہ منصف یزید لگتاھے

*- Haider Mehdi*