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Re: Christmas & Easter
Date: Friday, 27 December 2019, 1:14 am
In Response To: Re: Christmas & Easter (Dr Shabbir, Florida)

Salaams Most Respected Brother Dr. Shabbir,

You have provided an excellent history of "supernatural" births and resurrections! I would point out one very small error: The term "immaculate conception" is a Roman Catholic term that applies to the conception of Jesus' mother Mary. RC Church doctrine holds that Mary was conceived in the physically normal way but somehow without the "taint" of "original sin". The RC Church believes so strongly in original sin that Mary had to somehow be free of this otherwise Jesus would be tainted even though his father was (supposedly) God. "Virgin birth" is the term for a woman conceiving a child without a physical father. (The late Joseph Campbell is a great resource through his many books about certain mythological themes being repeated throughout history. He did a PBS series titled "The Power of Myth" years ago that was truly excellent.)

(I will make a confession: I love Christmas and Easter. I don't love them for any religious meaning, but rather because schools and workplaces are generally closed in the U.S. for Christmas and schools are usually closed in the immediate days before and after Easter. This schedule allows my family to spend more time together which I'm always very happy about. If my employer wanted to give me a holiday on Zoroaster's birthday, I'd take it...)

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