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By:Shuja Khan, Karachi
Date: Sunday, 15 December 2019, 9:55 pm

OUR BELOVED AND BEAUTIFUL PAKISTAN. What we do not have? 2nd largest Salts mines,2nd largest Dam,4th largest Cotton cultivation ,5th largest Textile industry, 5th largest Coal mines, 5th largest Gold mines, 6th largest daring Armed Forces, 7th Nuclear power,7th largest Copper mines, 6th largest best in quality and taste Mangoes and Rice crops,8th largest Wheat crop plus not yet fully tapped Oil , Gas and Mineral Deposits , 5 Rivers and plenty of Sea shores, 8 Seasons , self-sufficiency in Food cultivation and variety of strong Workforce. We are a Nation to be reckoned being the sixth largest young , energetic and ambitious population on Earth with towering mountains, un-spoilt beaches, awe-inspiring deserts, lush green fields, pulsating cities, traditional villages and their crafts, lively women and children and loving senior folks.