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There is no space for Muslims in India
By:Zen Bhatia, Bangladesh
Date: Friday, 13 December 2019, 6:23 pm

Repeat: There is no space for Muslims in India

Well after the passing of NRC and CAB bills and looking to the radicalization of the Hindu majority and continuous harassment of Muslim minorities all around India; it is very clear that Muslims of India are not welcome in India as equal citizen but they could be stayed as second class citizens without constitutional rights including voting rights.

So what is the way out for 200 million Muslims of India? More probably sooner or later the world will wake-up to the plight of the Indian Muslims. It will be a historical refugee settlement plan for the United Nations. Many western nations including Canada, Australia, Greenland, Iceland and European nations will make plans to absorb these unfortunates. The Muslim nations and especially the Gulf nations will play a major role in replacing their Hindu immigrants with Muslim refugees.

These transferred Muslims from India will make India basically a Hindu nation like Pakistan and Israel on this globe. India will either change her Constitution or very well replace it based on Vedas, Geeta, and Ramayan. This historical human tragedy will result in the loss of hundreds of thousands of human beings. Surely it will take decades to resettle Muslims refugees in the world but the Hindu majority will be glad to make India free of Muslims after 75 years of the birth of their nation.

There will be many questions still remaining; what will happen to Muslims' graves and corpses buried here? What will happen to Taj Mahal, Kutub Minar, Red Fort and hundreds of thousands of mosques and Muslim properties? Also what will happen to Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru and many leaders who fought for secular India, their legacy and statues around India? Looks like these statues will be replaced with Godse; the killer of Gandhi and Savarkar; the father of Hindu Raj. The worst; 200 years of Indian history will have to be wiped out and rewritten in dark saffron ink keeping countless RSS gurus and Babas busy for decades.

- Zen Bhatia

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There is no space for Muslims in India
Zen Bhatia, Bangladesh -- Friday, 13 December 2019, 6:23 pm
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Badr US -- Friday, 13 December 2019, 10:03 pm
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