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Muslims marginalised in India
By:Zen Bhatia, Bangladesh
Date: Thursday, 12 December 2019, 9:51 pm


After winning almost all anti-Muslim agendas including Article-370 and 35-A, Ram Mandir, CAB and soon Uniform civil Codes and nationwide NRC process; the BJP has proved her credential as the Hindu Party establishing Hindu Raj in India uniting all religions against Muslims.

In the last 6 months; Muslims of India has lost all its political worth gained in the last 200 years, and becoming second class citizen getting political, social and economical abuse from the ruling party and Hindu majority.

Under these dire conditions; are Muslim leaders and Imams and Moulvis ready to unite on one platform to make one unity plan to save the Ummat and their fortune? Or will continue bickering against each other to call others less Muslims based on her/his following of Brelvi, Devbandi, Khoja, Bohra, Sunni, Shia, Ahle-Sunnat, Ahle Hadis, Tabligi, Pathan, Islami and so on?

It is time to forget our petty differences created by our greedy religious leaders only to run their small kingdoms at the cost of Islam and Ummat.

The political parties of India are taking full advantage of our mindset dividing us in a smaller and smaller group making us meaningless and worthless political block. We have witnessed the bleak outcome of our in-fighting in the Babri Masjid verdict.

Look like we are back at the 1945 pre-independence level once again fighting our rights and place in India. Unfortunately we do not have Muslim leaders we had at that time to fight for us. We must stand up to take this challenge or will be forgotten in to the history and will join with millions of other Muslims wondering around the globe.

If we will not unite and play our cards jointly clearly watching, identifying and understanding our Muslims and non-Muslims foes and friends to whom we have voted in the last election, we will be surely lost everything what we have saved.

Zen Bhatia