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By:Yusuf Estes
Date: Monday, 9 December 2019, 9:50 pm


Bismillah Salam alaykum. Here's my plan for 2 nights this week (your ideas can help me, please)
- Yusuf Estes and Guest, Pastor Richard
- "Bible vs Islam" LIVE
- Open dialog & call-in show!
- Live All Night on GuideUS.TV
- (Sample) -

- YE: (Yusuf Estes goes on-Air)
"Salam alaykum" The safety, security and peace be with you.
I greet you all with the glad tidings of true believers.
"Bashir" Some good news! Another Christian preacher is coming to know more of the real message of Jesus, "alayhi was-salam" and he joins us for a lively discussion - on this topic and you guys can join in on Facebook or call in - ALL NIGHT

- YE: First let me introduce my special guest, Pastor Richard.
"Salam alaykum" dear brother.

PR (Pastor Richard): "Salam" or "shalom" as Jesus may have said. Thank you for having me on your TV channel. This is my first time on Islamic TV.

YE: We met a few times on my recent trips in Michigan and you drove from Ann Arbor all the way to Lansing, Michigan to is be in the audience on our TV channel for LIVE show. The next night we were in Ann Arbor and there you were again.
So I figure, let's make it easy for you and bring you to me over the air so you don't have to keep driving across America.

- PR: Well, thank you for that and for allowing me to talk about the message of Jesus, a message that may surprise your viewers!

- YE: Well, let's find out right now. Folks at home, don't just sit back and watch - this is your chance to get involved. Join us by text on screen if your watching online. Or call us on our toll free number (***)
Our topic tonight - ALL NIGHT is . . .

(one of our topics)

][ Please give me feed back on this idea. What day? What start time? Best way to get many people to watch?
Between Facebook (750,000), apps (200,000), satellite TV channel (2.3 million), IP-TV boxes Roku, Hulu, Jadu, Google TV & YouTube (millions) we hope this will really bring up our numbers, inshallah.

Jazakallah khair for your duas and comments for the Dawah
Salam alaykum,
Yusuf Estes

P.S. - looking forward to next time we see each other . .