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Re: The manuscript of Hur Abdur Rahman's diary
By:Dr Shabbir, Florida
Date: Sunday, 8 December 2019, 8:40 pm

Dear Subhan,

Here is a hint copy-pasted from my book "ISLAM: TRUE HISTORY AND ...."

[The author has benefited from numerous ancient and modern books in writing the first ten chapters. The brief chapters have required an incredible amount of sifting the truth from falsehood. Some of the sources are named here with gratitude to their authors. Seeratun Nabi, Farooq Azam, Allama Shibli Na'amani. Ralmatallil 'Aalameen, Qazi Sulaiman Mansoorpuri. "Mother of All Histories", Tareekh Umam Wal-Mulook, Imam Jareer bin Rustam Tabari. Biography of the Prophet by Ibn Hisham. Tareekh Ibn Athir. Muslim History, Dr. Akram Zahoor, D.Sc. Tareekhil Ummat, Allama Aslam Jairajpuri. Tazkarah, Hadith-il-Qur’an, Maulvi Ka Ghalat Mazhab, Allama Inayatullah Khan Al-Mashriqi. Shahkar-e-Risaalat, Me'raaj-e-Insaaniat, Allama G.A. Perwez. Tareekh-e-Islam, Dr. Hameeduddin. Sahah Sittah (The Six Right Ones on Hadith). Tibbe Nabawi, Imam Ibnil Qayyam, Masnad, Ahmad bin Hanbal, Hujjatullahil Baaligha, Shah Waliullah. Kimyae Sa'adat, Ehyaul 'Uloom, Imam Abu Hamid Ghazali. Muzakkarah, Hur bin Abdur Rahman, Meezanul Faris, Hujjatullah A.Q. Moosvi. Fitnatul Kubra, Taha Husain, Ajaaib-it-Tareekh, Yaqoot Hamdi, Kitab Dalail-e-Nabawwut Syedna Muhammad, Abdul Jabbar Fatimi, Tasweer Ka Doosra Rukh, Intizar-e-Mahdi-o-Maseeh, Muhaddithul Asr Allama Tamanna Imadi. Mazhabi Dastanain Aur Unki Haqeeqat, Allama Habibur Rahman Kandhalvi, Tarikh-e-Islam, Dr. Abdul Hameed, Professor of Harvard University, Sham-e-Haqeeqat, Qazi Muhammad Ali, Hundred Great Muslims, K.J. Ahmad, Uswah Rasul Akram by Baqiyyah-tul-Salaf Murshad-ul-Ulema Makhdoom-us-Sulaha Seikh-ul-Asr Aarif Billah Hazrat Muhammad Abdul Haii]

1. *** “Azwaaj-in-Nabi wal-Ashaab”, by Sheikh Hammad bin Hakam
2. *** Meezan-il-Faris by Hujjatullah Abdul Qadir Ali Al-Moosvi pg 249-26
3. *** “Takmilatil Lughatal 'Ain” by Al-Ustaz Jalaluddin Al-Ash'ari on Imam Al-Khalil ibn Ahmad Shikoh Tabrezi vol 2 pg 3-5
4. *** Kitab-e-Dalail-e-Nabawwut Syedna Muhammad (S), by Abdul Jabbar Fatimi, written 150 years before Tabari, the first ever
'canonized' historian
5. *** “Hadith: The Big Forgery” by Darul Afaq Publishing Company of Beirut
6. *** Haroon Wa Baramikatil Faras by Sheikhul Ifta Salman bin Abu Qasim Baghdadi. Vol 1 pg 31-55
7. *** “Mujahid-al-Munafiq Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal” by Abdul Muhsin bin Mullah Ali Al-Qari, pg 67-135.
8. *** “Nufus-ul-Qudsiyah” by Abdul Muhsin bin Mullah Ali Al-Qari
9. *** "Maudhu'at-e-Kabeer" (Mullah Ali al-Qari)
10. *** "Qanoon Al-Akhbaril Maudhu’ah Wa Rijal-ud-Dhu’fa" (Allama Muhammad Tahir Gujrati)
11. *** Uswah Rasul Akram by Baqiyyah-tul-Salaf Murshad-ul-Ulema Makhdoom-us-Sulaha Seikh-ul-Asr Aarif Billah Hazrat Muhammad Abdul Haii

Printer Maktaba Adnan, Beirut 1967

As these lines were being written, I have received from an Arab lady in Madinah, the English version of a rare Arabic book, Ad-Deen Wad-Daulah.

The author was born in 160 AH which means that he predates the wellknown historian Tabari who was born 64 years later in 224 AH. Initial examination of the book reflects the author’s true love for the exalted Prophet. He has collected predictions in the Bible about the advent of the exalted Prophet Muhammad with great reverence and magnificent skill. Ali bin Sahl bin Raban was a scholar of the Bible and had great interest and expertise in dialogue with Jews and Christians.

In the foreword to the book, Adil Nowaihidh of Darul Afaq Publishing of Beirut says that Ali bin Sahl bin Raban has excelled and done full justice with the subject.

"The companions of the Prophet and those who introduced Islam to others were most virtuous people.

It was due to the nobility of the exalted Prophet that individuals of such high stature as Hazraat Abu Bakr, Umar Ibn Khattab, Uthman bin Affan, and Ali bin Abi Talib became the stars of the Ummah.”

The Ummah was further blessed with honorable men and women like the following:-

Hasan bin Ali Khadijah
Husain bin Ali Ayesha
Abdullah Bin Zubair Fatima
Abdul Malik Zainab
Waleed bin Abdul Malik Karimah [The wife of Umar bin Abdul Aziz]
Muhammad bin Hanfia Abdullah Bin Umar
Abdur Rahman bin Abu Bakr

Also it is due to the great training of the exalted Prophet that there has been no dissension amongst the Muslim Ummah. The names quoted above and others radiate like stars. They have all been living examples of, "All the faithful are brothers and sisters unto one other" until this day (205 AH).

No power on earth can halt the blooming Islamic revolution. In this Benevolent Order, any attempted intrigues die their natural death."

A magnificent book, Meezanul Faris published in Iran by Hujjatullah Abdul Qadir Ali Al-Mooosvi dedicates two detailed chapters drawing a beautiful picture of the era of Hazrat Uthman the Generous. "It was a model State with exemplary justice, equity, peace, tranquillity, progress and prosperity." The Meezan uses ancient sources on the history of Khilaafat-e-Rashida (Caliphate of the Rightly Guided). Many of these sources have been discovered recently in Istanbul and Spain. Not at all surprisingly, the book has been banished in Iran.

***The concealed books are scarcely available in Arabic only under strict protection of the Muslim clergy, under the custody of the autocratic Arab world.

Their stray copies are found in the Istanbul Museum, the library of Madinah University, Tashqand (Tashkent) Muslim Library in the former Soviet Union, Jame'ah Al-Azhar of Cairo, Maktaba Adnan in Beirut and in some cases they have been personally inherited by the progeny of the ancient scholars. These books are so well-guarded that only a few scholars have been able to partially photograph these precious documents. They are closely guarded since they demolish our mythical, but 'canonized' histories such as by Tabari, Ibn Atheer, and Ibn Khaldun and the conjecture based Biographies (Seera-tun-Nabi) of the Prophet (S) by Ibn Ishaq? - and Ibn Hisham.

[Ibn Ishaq's work was quickly lost and is now only known in the works named after Ibn Hisham and al-Tabari. But as recently as 2000 CE, the Mullahs have miraculously reproduced Ibn Ishaq’s book from the magician’s hat or from God knows where!]

I am extremely grateful to my respected readers who, at the risk of life and imprisonment, have been mailing me these photographed excerpts.

I wish the ailing Shabbir could type in order to give you further specific details.

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