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Why so much criticism about Islam?
By:Badar US
Date: Saturday, 7 December 2019, 7:31 pm

Why so much criticism about my faith

First and foremost, I say that this criticism is misplaced because those who criticize Islam only view the behavior of a handful of Muslims using religion to gain power. Those who criticize Islam should indulge in the actual teachings of the Holy Quran and the exalted prophet. I think the big debate should be about the behavior of the religious leadership who are responsible for creating such a negative image of Islam. Here are some of the problems the Muslims are facing today and why.
1. N2Is are at the steering wheel and they do not take any criticism about their behavior and tend to react violently against it rather than debating it intelligently and logically. They are quick to proclaim a blasphemy fatwa against those who criticize. This is basically a very insecure behavior.
2. Second big reason the Muslims have lost respect in today’s world is their lack of contribution to the humanity in the last almost a thousand years.
3. Today’s world respects delivering concrete scientific accomplishments and contributions to the society rather discussing the non-repeatable and ridiculous miracles and unbelievable “Karamats” of the people of the past. These irrational “N2I” scholars have spawned an insecurity, which has resulted a tendency in the younger generation of borrowing an already cooked up recipe of scientific advancement than developing one from their own effort.
4. The Muslim world today is incompatible with the rest of the world. The world has become a Global Village. With modern days advanced transportation and communication, it is quite different than the few hundred years old world of caravan travelers and the isolated societies living across vast deserts and tall mountains.
5. Modernization and changing modern thought shapes new world ethics today, different than those in the past. Islam as a way of life believes in changing with time, excepting of course, the basic belief in the existence and unity of God. The Islam in the Quran is a living and progressive way of life. Practice of Ijtihad basically fights obsolescence which is completely opposite of the tenets of N2I having its roots in the regional cultures of the old Persian empire. In today’s changing world, religions that hold on their ancient beliefs and practices are getting more static and isolated because they offer little values, except rituals of special feasting and travelling events.
6. Since Islam is more visible and aggressive “religion” it makes the other religions look more benign to the so-called secular (Christian) world. Also, the recent violent world events have painted a bad picture of Islam instead of those who were responsible for them.

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Why so much criticism about Islam?
Badar US -- Saturday, 7 December 2019, 7:31 pm
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