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CJ's Malefied Suo Motu
By:Syed Zaheer Kadri, Pakistan
Date: Friday, 29 November 2019, 9:37 pm

Can a CJ take up Suo Motu randomly?

The Devil is in the Details: CJ Khosa's use of SUO MOTU was NON “Transparent” and bordering on INVALIDITY: Mr CJ Khosa backed off as he saw the country's response: he realised if challenged it will show the heavily SOILED & ILLEGAL Motives” insinuating a definite & deliberate malafide intent in the light of existing conventions/traditions/rules:

KHOSA thought being CJ will deter public debate: He was Wrong the opposite has occurred: CJ Khosa got a RUDE Shock when CHALLENGED by “Aitzaz Ahsan” about the MAINTAINABILITY of his SUO MOTO even so as it was being discussed & was SUBJUDICE.

Aitzaz Ahsan made this interference in the Executive's Domain by the SC as his moment of Truth: He DELIBERATELY pronounced it questionable.

Aitzaz Ahsan wanted CJ Khosa to call him for CONTEMPT but CJ Khosa DARED NOT as he well KNEW he will be blown away when that happened.

It would also have paved way for the “President” to initiate an IMMEDIATE charge sheet for taking CJ Khosa to the SUPREME JUDICIAL COUNCIL as only the President can do so !!!!

A large part of the Judiciary: even though silent: Knew the MERIT in Aitzaz's Argument: taking up a Withdrawn Petition as basis for a Suo motu signifies Malafide intent. Challenging PM's Executive Functions and Right.

CJ Khosa's made a joke of the Army regulations and deliberately ridiculed the Extension. This line of questioning came as a Shock to Pakistan: as the entire INDIAN MEDIA cheered the CJ of Pakistan.

The outgoing CJ questioned the Office of PM for ridiculous and petty clerical oversights. It was the Executive Function to Correct the Typos & the procedural irregularities, which the CJ treated Illegalities.

We need to know why a Withdrawn Petition put the Country on Hold & why the SC Ridiculed the Highest Executive Office. Mr CJ Khosa you deliberately tried to create constitutional crises to destabilise the State and Govt of Pakistan; which is worth a Run for Application of Article-6. President Gen Musharraf's purported Crime: Pales in front of what you did to our Beloved Country?!!!

The US President is facing Impeachment Inquiry for much much lesser Offence ..

Aitzaz Ahsan & Moeed Pirzada need to be SALUTED for standing by Official Establishment of Pakistan: through this Self Created/Self Serving Crisis ...

In defence of my Country and its Defence Forces that Pakistan loves more than their LIVES.