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Attention to the Qur'an please
By:Moulvi Saeed Siddique, Karachi
Date: Wednesday, 20 November 2019, 11:13 pm

​We should all read Quranic translation again and again to understand Allah's Message to entire mankind and to follow it in letter and spirit to achieve HIS Blessings. Some of the important verses of Holy Quran is placed below which our Masjid Imams hardly project them in their Khitabs/speeches:
.....The Holy Quran is above doubts, confusion, uncertainty: (2:2).
.....The Holy Quran is not complicated (18:1) and there is no contradiction (4:82).
.....The Holy Quran promotes historical facts to make it easy to understand (54:17).
.....Allah's Guidance is 100% complete (6:115). IT is crystal clear (6:105).
.....The Holy Quran is 'NOOR': (5:15) for entire mankind.
.....Explanation of Holy Quran is Allah's responsibility (75:19/16:85).
.....Make your DUA directly to Allah as HE listens directly without any 'Wasila/intermediary' (2:186/13:14/40:60/50:16). Hence after Namaz make your own DUA directly to Allah. The duty of a Masjid Imam is to lead prayers only.
.....Eating of interest is prohibited as the then money lenders, Jews indulged in looting the poor (2:275). Now banks are commercial institutions and not individual money lenders only as prevalent in those days. Hence avoid misguidance that Bank Interest or commission is Haram.
......Use your brains to understand Islam instead of remaining deaf and dumb (8:22) to get exploited and deviated.
.......Those who disbelieve and deny Quran and its Guidance will go to Hell (5:10).
.......Men are protectors of women (4:34). As such women should be respected and well protected from all excesses etc.
.......Those who kill a believer intentionally without any just cause will go to Hell (4:93). The Taliban extremists indulge in needless killings and suicide bombings without any just cause which should be condemned as they will go to Hell.
.......Saving a life is like saving humanity (5:32). Life is a precious thing. Hence we should save and protect life as Allah alone is responsible for its creation and death. Sick, disabled, poor and needy should be well taken care of.
.......Those who consume interest will go to Hell. Avoid interest on loans and if the debtor is in difficulty, give him time to repay the loans. Please read details: 2:275-280/ 3:130 /4:161/ 30:39. Actually this applies to money-lenders' business (Sood Khore) common in those days who use to charge heavy interest from poor borrowers needing money for house hold expenses/consumption purposes. But Banks are commercial institutions managed by share holders and do business of export and import trade, remittances of money, foreign exchange dealings, maintaining various type of personal and commercial accounts, accepting deposits and advancing loans for commercial purposes (Not for household or consumption purposes), managing safe deposit lockers, world wide transactions and dealings, holding of Annual General Meetings of Share Holders and elections of office bearers, Approval of Profit and Loss Accounts and Balance Sheets etc. The economy of the country depends on the Banks.The Arabs have regularized it but we Desi Muslims induge in over-research and over-acting in religious matters and rituals and started Sharia Compliant Banks/companies/Modarbas etc. which failed ultimatelly and some indulged in fraud also.
........Call, follow and make Dua/Ilteja directly to Allah alone who has no associate/Shareek/intercessor/recommender etc. (7:3,194/ 13:14/17:22/39:14). Please avoid all misguidance and exploitation in this regard. Don`t ask for any body`s Dua including Pir, Faqir, Baba etc. nor make Dua behind Masjid Imams after Namaz.
........Allah says none and not even our Prophet can change/amend or deviate from the Holy Quran and its specific Guidance/Mohkmaath except preaching, projecting and following Islam, a complete Deen, and guiding the erring and deviated humanity and warning the non believers to come to the Right Path of Allah (10:15,64/ 16:64/ 18:27/ 24:54/ 25:1,56/ 33:2,62/ 46:9). Hence all man-written weak and unauthentic Hadiths, sayings, tales, stories, references, traditions etc. so comonly preached and projected by the Mullas to our ignorant Muslims should be rejected if they are not according to Holy Quran.
.......Islam gives prority to academic education/Iqra and knowledge (96:1-5) so that Muslims become well educated to read and understand the Holy Quran and its Mohkmaath and follow it rightly in letter and spirit to achieve Allah`s Blessings. Tilawath in Arabic means to read, understand and follow the Holy Quran and certainly not simply reading/reciting and memorization/Hifz of Holy Quran without understanding.
.......The Holy Quran mentions the total Prophets as 25 only but our Mullas have increased the strength to 125 or so to fool us.
.......Allah ask us to hold fast to HIS rope, follow Islam as one complete Deen bestowed by HIM and avoid being divided (3:103,105/ 21:92-93/ 23:52). Our Prophet was a True Muslim without any sect, Maslak, Fiqah, faction, group and party interests which divide the Muslims now.
.......Islam promotes One Ummah concept as all Muslim believers are brothers and any differences should be settled amicably to maintain unity (49:10).
.......Those who disbelieve and deny Holy Quran and its specific Guidance/Mohkmaath will go to Hell (5:10).
........The person touching and reading the Holy Quran should be clean (56:79). This means Wudu is not needed as wrongly being projected by the Mulla community to keep it away from the common man.
........Allah strictly prohibits Muslim men and women from ridiculing, laughing, defaming, insulting, passing sarcastic remarks, calling each other with offensive names as they may be better than such callers. They should make Tauba/repent immediately (49:11). Etc. Etc.

There are many other verses to lead a good and honest life and worshiping Allah alone and avoiding all sins and evils, Shirk and Bidah, un Islamic customs and practices, rule of Pirs, Faqirs, Babas and their Taweez, Ganday, Jadoo, Tona business, excesses and over-acting in religious matters and rituals. A simple Deen has been made hard as possible by the exploiting Mullas to rule us. Avoid them. Follow Allah not Mulla. Thanks. Please circulate to your family and friends and printed copies may be given to Namaziz also.