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Unemployment in Pakistan
By:Shuja Khan, Karachi
Date: Wednesday, 20 November 2019, 8:31 am


The Pakistan Engineering Council has failed to hold a job-based conference for graduate engineers including giving jobs to engineers at Engineer posts and filling vacant seats for the past 3 years.

Engineering Graduates Asking for Employment

Fresh graduate engineers of Pakistani institutions, registered with the PEC, said that they are being forced the discount cards to win the upcoming elections, the council created a Job Portal but did not contact the companies.

Engineers said that the council spent millions of rupees to organize the Engineer’s Convention, but did not approve the service structure for engineers, did not give jobs to them and did not fill empty positions of Engineer posts in various companies. Chairman PEC’s claim to give 12 thousand jobs through the Supervisory Certificate turned out to be completely false.

Engineers Forced to Work at Low Income

The engineering council could not succeed in giving Engineers the A-class status, which is forcing them to work at grades lesser than Grade 17. BeEducated.pk found out that according to a report, 50 thousand engineers are still unemployed in Pakistan.

Therefore, the system should change otherwise the sector of engineers will be shut down and the yearly production of engineers will become small in number. Due to which our industry and economy might collapse with the passage of time.

So, the institutes should take a stand on engineers’ behalf to make our Government develop a plan to solve this matter as soon as possible. Keep on visiting our platform to get the latest news, informative articles and many other helpful resources relating to education in Pakistan.

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