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Qasim Abbas on Mullas
By:Moulvi Saeed Siddique, Karachi
Date: Sunday, 17 November 2019, 10:19 pm

Mr. Qasim Abbas, an Islamic scholar has projected his views correctly below. We should all avoid 'commercial' Mullas who illegally dominate us as our priests prohibited by Allah. They fool us with man-written weak and fabricated Hadiths, tales, stories, sayings and traditions etc. to waste our time and energy. Before Juma Namaz, they make long and vague Khitabs/speeches deliberately without touching all Quranic Guidance/Mohkmaath and then after second Azan, they make two long Arabic Qutbas instead of one to impress us. In Arabia, the Masjid Imams make a short to the point Khitab/speech ending with a short Arabic Qutba and the Juma Namaz is started immediately which is Fard. No second Azan is held followed by Dua and Darood Shariff as Azan is simply a call for prayers only. Hence follow Allah, not Mullas who divide us to rule and dominate us as our illegal priests. Being a Universal Deen, we should all read Quranic translation to understand Islam correctly and to follow it entirely. Thanks. Please circulate. Allah helps those who help themselves.

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Qasim Abbas on Mullas
Moulvi Saeed Siddique, Karachi -- Sunday, 17 November 2019, 10:19 pm
Re: Qasim Abbas on Mullas
Sidqi.ca -- Sunday, 17 November 2019, 11:23 pm