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Pakistan has become 'Loot Maristan'
By:Moulvi Saeed Siddique, Karachi
Date: Saturday, 16 November 2019, 1:33 am

Pakistan has become 'Loot Maristan' and honesty is hardly practiced. Mian Nawaz Shariff, a great looter has become sick and wants to get out of the country for treatment instead of having treatment in Pakistan. His two sons are already in UK with millions of looted money and they don't want to come back. Now Mian Saheb is refusing to give bond of only 7 Arab rupees where as his looted property is more than 70 Arab Rupees in Pakistan. Similar is the case another big looter, Asif Ali Zardari who has become sick to go to London for treatment.

The tragedy is our failed Judicial system can not punish the big looters and it will take many and many years to decide the cases until it is forgotten or filed.

...…..PM Imran Khan is no doubt doing his best to recover the looted wealth and we should all support him to deny ECL to big looters to go abroad for treatment instead of having treatment in Pakistan like other Pakistanis.

...….The other nuisance created by non-elected Maulana Fazlur Rahman to indulge in 'Azaadi' march should also be condemned fully as he has blocked the roads by his paid blind followers. He is an agent of India creating diversion from the killings of Indian occupied Kashmiris.

Please circulate to create public opinion against such looters who should be declared non Muslims for practicing dishonesty and fraud. Islam is based on TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH. Thanks.​​​