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By: Muhammad Nathan Umar, Australia
Date: Sunday, 10 November 2019, 11:38 pm

Salamun alaikum brother Shabbir
God willing this message reaches you in good health...
My name is Nathan aka Muhammad Umar and iam a Australian Muslim.. I have always been told that Sunni Islam was the correct path n I prayed the ritual 5x "Salat" but never felt in my head that this is what God wanted... I began my search for the true Islam as I knew in my heart Quran is truth n Muhammad (S) is a Messenger of God... Alhamdu lillah I found your QXP n now I feel on my way to the straight, true path to God and His expectations of me... Thank you brother for you sincere renditions and please any other information you could share would be appreciated... May God continue to guide you and I and all who choose to be graced with belief...
Salam my dear respected brother.

Muhammad Nathan Umar