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Violations of Human Rights
By:Prof. Mazin Qumsiyeh, Occupied Palestine
Date: Wednesday, 30 October 2019, 11:15 pm

I was today again denied entry to my city Jerusalem by the Israeli
occupation authorities. If they think that helps intimidate me, this email
and actions to follow will show otherwise.

In my book “Popular Resistance in Palestine: A history of Hope and
Empowerment” (http://qumsiyeh.org/popularresistanceinpalestine/) I
explained the ups and downs of resistance. Setbacks and upward steps
towards freedom and liberation are many. The analysis of some 14 uprisings
since the late 19th century led me to several conclusions. Most importantly
that the Oslo accords and the way the Palestinian Authority was created
took the legacy and legitimacy of the PLO to become the Vichy government in
Palestine and is now the biggest impediment to popular resistance and hence
to Palestinian liberation. Every day proves this point. Even when the PA
hosts a “Popular Resistance” conference like the one held in Tubas last
week, it is really sad to watch the dispirited spectacle. Mahmoud Abbas and
the many paid people stand distant from the destitute Palestinian people
and yet speak of a state and of popular resistance. If they want us to
really believe them they would be using their VIP cards to go to Gaza and
join the march of return every Friday or come in front of an Israeli
bulldozer demolishing a Palestinian home in the West Bank. The fact is that
PA-Israel security coordination still goes on and many activists are
harassed or their websites closed. Now a recent book with a more detailed
analysis of how this came about is published. “Polarized and Demobilized:
Legacies of Authoritarianism in Palestine” by Dana El Kurd is a frank
assessment of how burgeoning authoritarianism among elites has divided
Palestinians and divested them of political power

Globally, people are still being killed in Yemen, Syria, Kashmir etc. The
killers doing this try to distract their public with fake news (I borrowed
this term) CIA/Mossad concoctions are numerous and their creations are
discarded as need be to appear to fight threats and then create new threats
and new boogie-men. Hence these people are never captured or put in public
trials. Even their remains are supposedly thrown in the sea. Zarqawi (Bush)
Bin Laden (Obama) and Baghdadi killed (for the third time, supposedly under
Trump). The public is distracted also by the supposed conflict between
Democrats (CNN as media outlet among others) versus Republicans (Fox news).
This fake media is silent on important news such as the fact that a panel
of experts found ‘Unacceptable Practices’ in the OPCW’s investigation of
the Alleged Chemical Attack in Douma, Syria [many have been saying the the
imperial and Zionist power created excuses for attacks on Syria by claiming
“Assad is gassing his own people”]
The same media is also silent about the US simply going in and grabbing (to
use Trump’s words) oil belonging to other countries (Syria latest example).
It is silent about the impact of the military on the environment (largest
contributor to devastation). It is silent about the regular home
demolitions and daily Israeli violations of human rights that amount to war
crimes and crimes against humanity. It is silent about Haiti and about
repression in Kashmir. It is silent about the fact that the rich get richer
(and literally get away with murder) and the poor get poorer. It is silence
about torture and harassment of those who expose crimes (Snowdon, Assange
etc). It is silent about reports from UN experts that ask for decisive
international action to end Israeli occupation (longest remaining in
https://news.un.org/en/story/2019/10/1049811 It is silent about our
Orwellian surveillance societies (please Tell Microsoft to drop company
helping Israel’s invasive facial recognition surveillance

This same media tries to implement the policies of governments based on
disinformation, denials, distortions, distractions, and destruction. And
paid trolls do the rest of the needed colonial/imperial work on social

RESPONSE? More decent people need to get together, organize, and resist.
Join us.

Stay Human and act positively for human rights and justice

Mazin Qumsiyeh
A bedouin in cyberspace, a villager at home
Professor, Founder, and (volunteer) Director
Palestine Museum of Natural History
Palestine Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainability
Bethlehem University
Occupied Palestine
facebook pages
Personal https://www.facebook.com/mazin.qumsiyeh.9