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I am a hopeless, hapless , helpless Citizen of Pak
By:Shuja Khan, Karachi
Date: Wednesday, 30 October 2019, 10:45 pm

Pakistan – An Institutionally Failed State
PLIGHT OF BEING A PAKISTANI (How on Earth I am accepting it)
I am a hopeless, hapless , helpless Citizen of Pakistan.

I pay over 30 different taxes ,cesses plus bhattas ,bribes in addition to exaggerated utility bills, excessive bank markups , very high prices for necessities of life and astronomical house rents.

Yet I do not get justice from judiciary, cannot stop massive corruption despite having institutions of checks and balances, after spending trillions on my Leas , Agencies , Rangers , Police and Armed Forces I am all the time exposed to terrorists activities .I have no Peace , no Security.

My pillars of state, my State institutions , my Governments , my Political Leaders and my Business Tycoons are all bankrupt in integrity, in dutifulness and in responsibility My Corporate sector has lost the meaning of CSR.

All know one thing very well more money and even more money while I get very little in return after paying tens of billions to support their presence yet they do not appear to be present.

After spending hundreds of billions my Armed Forces are a permanent threat to the existence of whatever system of Government I have while external threats and internal threats are in their place.

More than 31 years of Military Take-Overs with Superior Courts successively granting them legitimacy .A high treason of course.
Betraying of Sikander Mirza by Ayub Khan, betraying of Z.A,Bhutto by Ziaul Haq and betraying of Nawaz Sharif by Pervez Musharraf did not change the destiny of our Nation.
Still no electric, no water, no health, no education, no jobs ,a lot more beggars on the streets, no social uplift ,no real democracy , no justice , lousy and corrupt Buearacracy ,corrupt to the core LEAS and no Good Governance with a full of shame world perception about Pakistan and disgrace for all Pakistanis as a Nation.

When will we see the light of peace, security and prosperity at the end of the dark tunnel of exploitation , deprivation and high handedness of our incompetent Governments and more so of our failed and lethargic so called sacred Institutions.

My Salams to our Police , Law Enforcement Agencies , All other Leas and dozens of Secret Agencies , Rangers , Armed Forces and our messy Institution of Justice for not doing their duties passionately and for not discharging effectively tasks assigned to them , A Basic Task of Law and Order.

How can a County and a Nation conduct any of their economic endeavours and social activities under a constant Fear to their life and property, to their young and women.

We pay for all these Institutions and Pillars of State a fortune yet we get just a shit in return.

In a country where minimum wages are just Rs.15,000 PM and even at this rate millions are finding it difficult to get jobs. No potable water to drink, deaths and disabilities and poor health due to poor nutrition and lack of health care and desperately jobless and poor making suicide after throwing their small children in rivers and seas .

Our Ministers, Senators, MNAS,MPAS, Generals, Judges and Executive make millions in salaries besides perks at times perks are much higher in addition to salaries and protocol and pensions after retirements yet with delivery not seen around.

Our loud mouth Lawyers and Media anchors take salaries and perks plus bhattas and charge fees and expenses in millions and at times in crores while do little justice with their professions , while busy in protecting criminals in lengthy media and court trials with not much positive results .

We talk of mafias, transport mafia, water mafia and so on. What is this that dates are given in lower courts, hearings do not take place or hearings not concluded? for milking the helpless litigants on every date by lawyers and courts staff , shall we name it a judicial mafia ?

If it is not judicial loot and plunder then what of the hapless masses who pay vat and sales tax up to 23 % plus around 30 other levies and taxes, at times twice on a certain items under the faulty system, on very basic necessities of survival even those who are jobless , handicapped , widows , orphans and elderly with no source of income while prices of goods , medicines and services are sky rocketing unchecked.

Yet would it be not a shocking surprise that official and personal private guards number more than our combined Armed Forces .What a catastrophe to lose all that Manpower to such an unnecessary task.

My parliaments, my elected representatives are working day and night against my National interests all the time quarrelling with each other to take the lead in loot, plunder, nepotism and in building family empires.

My homeland is butchered by traitors and hired assassins in front of my eyes yet my forces are not in my sight.
What the hell is going around me, how and why am I accepting it.

My health and education is in doldrums and I foresee no future for my children with no electricity no water and no job.

How on earth am idiot tolerant of all this high handedness and cruelty.
Where is my self-respect that my woman is raped and my child is abducted in broad day light yet there is no one to listen to my cries and wipe tears from my eyes.

I thus demand and look forward for the disqualification of those who did not attend the parliaments sessions during last 5 years, more than half of the times from contesting future elections and aspiring to be MPAs, MNAs and Senators with salaries and perks recovered and heavily fined for failing to play their roles effectively and responsibly despite their oath and commitment , causing failures , non delivery , poor Governance and hampering other important state functions.

I also demand last rigged Senate Elections declared as Null and Void with responsible people disqualified from contesting future elections and adequately punished .

I demand contempt of court laws withdrawn as non deserving and not legitimate considering current status of our blind , deaf and dumb institution of justice .

Let the parliament call CJP on judiciary’s failures and continued inability to dispense timely and substantive justice with millions of cases lingering in courts for number of decades , with untold sufferings of litigants , with back braking lawyer’s fees and logistics costs with hundreds of thousands hapless litigants in our pits of hell prisons, with their families resigned to live as destitute , their women and children begging on the streets exposed to all sorts of hazards and crimes, deprived and denied to basic rights of safety , security , health care , education and due respect in the society. Justice delayed is justice denied

And I wish to know what and where is this SJC for ?

A sacred institution turned into a curse for humanity and a play field of the affluent and the rich and a sacred profession turned into the measles for mankind where the lawyers protect criminals in return for a fee , a fee that is hard to afford , at times to share , at times in tens of millions , yet are unable to deliver timely justice , dates are given , not for real hearings but for milking the cows of litigants every time they are asked to appear to be heard.

Contempt of courts law under these circumstances should be abolished so as Armed Forces not to be sacred cow.
Supreme judicial council should consist of retired Chief Justices, those living and known to be upright appointed by President of Pakistan in order to ensure impartiality minus all high handedness, considering Judiciary as the real culprit behind all our social, economic, political ailments and backwardness, all our bad Governance , corruption , dirty politics, resultant poverty , violence and divide.

My Creator kindly spare a few moments to look at how I am being treated and how I have been sentenced to live like a destitute in my own homeland despite your assurance that I am your best creation in the heavens and on the earth.
God give us the wisdom to think and do what is right.

With my warmest regards and apologies for any unpleasant words,
Very Truly Yours,
Chairman, Council of Guardians.

Shuja ur Rahman Khan
The Common League
102, Main SABA Avenue, Phase-6, DHA, Karachi-75500
Cell: 0300 8271630, 0333 8271630

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