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Iraqi Kurds Turn To Zoroastrianism As Faith
By:Yazdi Sidhwa, Karachi
Date: Friday, 25 October 2019, 8:29 pm

Oct 24 at 6:35 AM

Iraqi Kurds Turn To Zoroastrianism As Faith, Identity Entwine
by Yazdi

Iraqi Kurd Faiza Fouad takes part in a ritual ceremony in an ancient and ruined temple as she joins the millennia-old Zoroastrian religion Photo: AFP / SAFIN HAMED

In a ceremony at an ancient, ruined temple in northern Iraq, Faiza Fuad joined a growing number of Kurds who are leaving Islam to embrace the faith of their ancestors -- Zoroastrianism.

Years of violence by the Islamic State jihadist group have left many disillusioned with Islam, while a much longer history of state oppression has pushed some in Iraq's autonomous Kurdish region to see the millennia-old religion as a way of reasserting their identity.

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