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Re: Marital duties
By:Dr Shabbir, Florida
Date: Sunday, 20 October 2019, 2:52 pm
In Response To: Marital duties (Mehgan, US)

W,A dear Sister!

The husband and wife are ZAUJ (companions) of each other.

4:34 Men are the protectors and supporters of women. They shall take full care of women with what they spend of their wealth. God has made men to excel in some areas and women to excel in some areas. Men should ensure that women are able to stand at their feet in the society. So, righteous women are obedient to God’s ordinances and guard the moral values even in privacy, the values that God has commanded to be guarded. If you experience ill-treatment from them, apprise them of possible consequences. Next, leave them in their resting places, and refer them for arbitration. If they pay heed to you, do not seek a way against them. God is Most High, Most Great.

[Qawwam = Protector = Maintainer = One who helps others to stand at their feet. Nushooz = Ill-treatment = Rebellion = To stand up against = To stand up against virtue = Mental abuse = Domestic violence = To rebel against the permanent moral values (2:259, 58:11). Nushooz by men (4:128). Wa’az = Admonishment = To apprise of consequences (2:231, 3:66). ‘Dharb’ = Example (13:17, 16:74, 36:13) = To stop or prevent (8:11, 43:5) = Travel = Referring to arbiters = To give examples (13:17, 16:74, 36:13, 43:58) = To withdraw (43:5)]

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