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By:abdalaziz ariff / indiana
Date: Monday, 14 October 2019, 4:45 pm


[ The honorable personalities of Islam - The Exalted Prophet, His Wifes, His Daughters, Sahaba Kiraam, Hazraat Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Husain, all of whom inspire our reverence and respect.]

21:106-107 Verily, in this (Qur'an) is a clear Message for the people who would obey God.َ
And thus, (O Prophet) We have sent you as grace for all peoples. [Rahmatanllil'Aalameen
= Mercy for the worlds = Grace for all humanity = A benevolent
advent for all nations and people. Furthermore, the exalted Prophet
is God's grace to all humanity for these reasons: 1 - The Book revealed to
him is directed to all people irrespective of race, color, cast and national origin.
2 - It appeals exclusively to reason and does not require blind faith in
any dogmas. 3 - It is the only perfectly preserved Scripture word for word.
4 - The Message is yet to reach the entire humanity. 5 - The world has
been knowingly or unknowingly adopting the Qur'anic principles. Mankind
will eventually become one single community through the Book revealed to

33:6 The Prophet is closer to the believers than their own selves, and his wives are their
mothers. Relatives have rights on one another in accordance with the Book
of God. Thus, the believers shall take care of their relatives who immigrate
to them, while they have taken care of their immediate family members first.
And you shall treat your friends in all kindness. Such is the writing in this
Book (of God). [2:180, 4:11, 9:111, 33:53, 48:10. Awliya includes immediate
family members as well as close friends, in the context]

The wives of the Exalted Messenger [AS], are like mothers of the believers, then who is this fake character, who is hiding for 1000 plus years, will come out ,speak Hebrew and dug up the resting place of Hazrat Ayesha [RA] and do things that words can not even describe. [Astaghfar]

What about Tasbih Hazrat Zainab [RA], Tasbih Hazrat Ruquya [RA], Tasbih Hazrat Kulsum [RA], the other daughters of the Exalted Messenger [AS]. What crimes they committed , that their names are suppressed ???

It’s a relentless pursuit to expose the Historians [Cunning -Crypto Majoosies,Crypto Yahodies and Crypto Nasrani’s on both sides of the aisle .[Shia/Sunni]

Shia +Sunni=Sushi –The big Sharks have made life hell for them on earth , and if they do not shape up –hereafter could be eternal hell. No more drama bazi !

One of the title of Hazrat Fatima [RA] is Zehra ( Venus ).

Is the following excerpt , the reason for the title of Zehra , which Shia and Sunni book has the following narration.???

“ or that later he[Ali(RA)} should receive in marriage the only daughter of the Prophet, Fatima ! There were other suitors for her hand. The decision was not left to human choice, for Fatima was one of four noble ladies " Perfect in Faith " who have blessed humanity ; the others being Asia, the wife of Pharoah ; Mary, the mother of Jesus ; and Khadijah, the wife of Muhammad.* The divine selection of 'Ali as the husband of Fatima was revealed in a miracle. Muhammad had said he would only marry her to him on whose house the planet Venus descended. All the suitors were watching,
and so was Fatima on that great night. When Venus
left the firmament and paused above Medina she called out thirty-four times, * Allah ho Akbar, Allah is Great ' ; the planet then circled round Medina until thirty-three times she had exclaimed ' Subhan Allah, Glory to Allah ' ; and then it moved toward 'Ali's home and thirty-three times she called, ' Al hamd ul lillah, Thanks to Allah '. Then it stopped and congratulated him and then returned to its place in the firmament”

Page 16 / 17 of the actual book

Note : Norman Hollister refers to page 135/136 of Glory of Shia World by P. Skye.

“ Now every Mussulman carries a rosary with one hundred beads, the origin of which is connected with the marriage of Her Highness the Princess Fatima.

The Prophet, on Him be Peace ! declared that he would only give her in marriage to him on to whose house the planet Venus descended. That night all the suitors to her hand were watching the heavens from the roofs of their houses, when the planet moved from its place and descended to above Medina. The white Fatima, too, was
watching ; and, on seeing this marvel, she called out Allah ho Akbar, or " Allah is Great." When this exclamation had been repeated thirty-four times the planet began to circle round Medina, whereupon she exclaimed Subhan Ullah, or "Glory be to Allah." This she had repeated thirty -three times when the planet moved
towards the house of Ali, and, finally, she broke into Alhamdulillah, or "Thanks be to Allah," which she repeated thirty-three times, while the planet stopped over the house of Ali, congratulated him on his good fortune, and reascended to its place in the firmament.” Page no 135/136

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