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Kashmir and a stupidity of Pakistan
By:Dr Shabbir, Florida
Date: Sunday, 13 October 2019, 8:27 pm


"As soon as India lifts the curfew on Kashmir, the local population will explode in retaliation and their movement will end up in the liberation of Kashmir."

They are failing to note the following realities.

- After 70 days of complete lockdown, how many Kashmiris out of 8-15 million captives would have died of starvation and lack of medical care?

- Will those who survive, have the strength to offer any resistance to the 900 thousand fully armed Hindutva military?

- Why will India lift the lockdown when they are determined to commit the greatest holocaust in history?

- Under the dark curtain, 500 thousand goons of the extremist and violent RSS of India have been let loose on a gang rape-spree of the beautiful Kashmiri women. Rape as a weapon is known to demoralize a whole nation.

We have seen the total apathy of the world and of the so-called Muslim Ummah. Pakistan, the only country that could make a difference, is busy talking and talking without the walk.

I cannot even pray to the Almighty God.