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Corruption and misuse of public money
By:Shuja Khan, Karachi
Date: Thursday, 10 October 2019, 9:50 pm

Corruption and misuse of public money can only be checked thru modern financial management methodology and technology
Oct 9 at 9:24 PM


Respected Coas , Dg,Ispr, Hon. CJP


To whom it may concern.

Only money steeling and kickbacks are not corruption . It is also corruption if we spend public money where there is no or little justification , which we do not make sure is properly and timely utilized .It is also corruption what we get , we do not earn it. We do not do and deliver for what we have been paid for and / or made responsible.

In this case our Armed Forces rank # 1 , followed by our institution of Justice and than our Bureaucracy and political players.

If our ECP and Judiciary are doing their job well , no mediocre , no incompetent , no corrupt and no irresponsible person shall be able to enter in our election process and enter our sacred houses of Governance.

If our accountability institutions are working well , no corruption could take place or go unchecked.

Talking of Law and order , No Violence will take place if our Rangers, Leas, Agencies and Police are doing their jobs with integrity , responsibility and diligently..

Corruption and misuse of public money can only be checked thru modern financial management methodology and technology.

What ever we do for Allah's sake for good of people , we are always a winner.

Allah swt amply rewards us in hereafter as well as turns that good for us and our loved ones in this world also.

When we have a choice , let us choose the best.

Let us first accept what I have written above and than move on to what I have suggested.

Ps :

We do not have to be Muslims to believe in it. It is a hard fact of life, a history repeated day and night…all we possess will not follow us in our graves as the ultimate equality (in consumption) is ordained by Allah Himself. we can eat and digest only as much as our body needs, wear only one dress, a pair of shoes, ride one vehicle at a time and our sleeping space is 6 by 2 ft., no matter how much wealth and control we are able to possess.

Nothing follows us in the next world except our well intentioned deeds. we loose our control on our possessions and yet we will have to account for every penny as to how we acquired it and how we spent it to the core of our intentions.

That is the life to come to stay for trillions of years and our time of departure from this world is also not in our hand, considering our current ages, our one foot is already in our graves.

Let us thus know our real need i.e.a good end in hereafter.

With my warmest regards and apologies for any unpleasant words,

Very Truly Yours,

Chairman, Council of Guardians.

Shuja ur Rahman Khan

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