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The Heartless Europe
By:Hussein Amin Lumumba, Uganda
Date: Saturday, 5 October 2019, 6:22 am

"Hell on Earth": The latest documentary on the EU's Invisible but deadly Iron Curtain against African refugees. A wall that actually dwarfs Trump's physical wall at the US-Mexico border.

Photo: African refugees at a EU-funded detention center in Zawiya, 40 km from the capital Tripoli. If it's the EU that doesn't want African refugees for xenophobic reasons, why are African countries helping them build their refugee detention/torture centers in Africa and not in Europe where everyone can then see the Europeans and their wickedness for who they really are? And why are Africans doing the torturing, slavery and violent abuse of fellow Africans on behalf of the EU? (Photo source: AFP)

Fellow Africans! Fellow concerned persons around the world.

Today the world increasingly wakes up to the fact that European Union-funded concentration camps have been built to detain African refugees in Libya. Meanwhile, at a fee, more African nations are quietly being dragged into the gruesome operation.
Africa should not be part of the brutality behind these torture chambers of slavery, detention, physical & psychological abuse, loss of human dignity and deprivation of freedom that have spring up in North Africa simply because African refugees want to travel to Europe.
The refugees are fleeing conflict, poverty, and persecution in their own countries.
To many observers around the world, the conspiracy is becoming clearer by the day. Though there seems to be an inherent fear to publicly condemn the EU for it's role and key actions that are perpetuating the abuse and human suffering.
Why is everyone (including African leaders) fearing to state that it is EU policy and money that are behind the torture, detention and slavery of Atricans in Libya and across North Africa?
An anti-immigration EU policy that many African leaders and continental institutions seem to be colluding with, or preferring to look the other way, yet they know full well all the human rights abuses behind it.
Yesterday I was watching "Hell On Earth" the EU's wall in Libya against African refugees as depicted in the latest documentary from the German TV station DW TV. While they expose the actual ongoing physical abuse and torture against African refugees, they are almost silent about Europe's role in knowingly funding and sustaining all the depravity on African refugees.
The documentary quickly mentions only once how the EU pays a billion Euro's each to Libya and Niger annually to close their borders so as to specifically deny any African refugees safe passage to Europe. What this translates to on the ground is that these funds build and maintain the death camps, slavery markets and torture chambers that the Invisible EU wall is all about.
A deliberate trampling of human dignity that flies in the face of all principles laid in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Geneva Convention which stipulates the rights of refugees to safety and freedom.
Another worrying development concerns EU forces anti-Terrorism operations in the Sahel.
Anti-Terrorism must not be the secret enforcement arm of the bigotry behind the EU's xenophobic anti-immigration policy.
In fact if we remember well, Anti-Terrorism operations embedded in coalition regime change agenda's were part of the catalyst behind the 2016 refugee crisis in the first place.
Today, where Africans once used to move freely and peacefully with their cattle, camels and other livelihoods across the Sahara desert, now the EU has coerced African nation's to block passage. And the excuse is anti-terrorism that the known secret funders and trainers of terrorists have deliberately exported from the Middle East to North Africa. In reality the EU's North Africa Anti-Terrorism operations is also mostly against African refugees heading to Europe. This is happening in the middle of the desert, thousands of miles "before the migrants and refugees reach the Mediterranean Sea".
Previously, it was discovered that the strategy secretly included seeking maximum publicity of the death camp sufferings and sea drownings plus viral cellphone video's of slavery and torture of the African refugees in the EU-funded concentration camps so as to deter more Africanigrajts and refugees from attempting to cross to Europe. European leaders were even said to prefer that the refugees sink and die at sea in the Mediterranean rather than make it alive across.
Last time I wrote about how Italy has just passed draconian legislation that bars anyone from helping any refugees found drowning at sea.
Obviously these policies are not completely working. There is resistance to fascist barbarity. However, I am worried that a group of international lawyers have challenged the EU policy, but it seems their is an attempt not to bring their challenge to public attention. Is the media playing to rogue EU politics or is it supposed to be conduits for important developments, especially where people are dying due to certain heartless policies?
Four years since the world first saw the images of Libya slave markets, African refugees still attempt the same deadly route to freedom. But nobody is making the indispensable effort to explain the whole picture, and bring political bigotry to light in the public domain. It was in 2015 that the world was first alerted to the blood stained, invisible wall in North Africa. Slavery, torture, hunger, human misery and outright murder of African refugees is what we all saw across social media and international news networks.
While many understandably felt anger at the Libyans who were seen perpetrating the violence in the video's, public opinion is being kept in the dark in regards to who is organizing all this and why.
And it seems that nothing has changed on the ground. The persecution of African refugees has not stopped. It appears to be business as usual for the EU in regards to maintaing Libyan death camps with even more financial and political support for the ruthless anti-immigration activities.
Only the EU can be clearly seen as the beneficiary of what is happening in North Africa against refugees who want to travel to Europe.
In fact the European union has now declared itself the one to determine where a refugee feels safe and where they should go. This is part of the new program where some of the African refugees in Libya are now being flown to a tiny poor African country called Rwanda rather than provide them refuge in Europe.
The EU's xenophobic internal politics seems to be driving their policy agenda in regards to African refugees.
Not even the Berlin Wall can compete with the ruthlessness of the EU's invisible Iron Curtain against African refugees.
in North Africa against desperate African refugees. A policy that quietly persists to this day despite all the outrage and dismay around the world since 2015 following the geuesome discovery of the slave markets in Libya. All the detention camps and the guards working therein were found to be paid by the EU.
North African nation's, especially Niger, Mali and Libya (plus the African Union, International Human Rights Organizations, and Rwanda which has recently joined the EU's African refugee iron curtain), these countries and their leaders must all take the initiative to cease colluding with the EU and it's sick heart against Africans who are facing grave socio-economic and political distress. African leadera should not be part of the barbaric operation.
Then they must guarantee safe passage to a safe country of the refugees choice while striving to create the political conditions and economic opportunities that will help Africans be productive at home. Why are they colluding with slavery and deprivation of rights & freedoms? Why are they cojoling & nourishing racist xenophobia instead of condemning it.
As for Rwanda, they have allowed themselves to lick ass at a fee.
It is known that a few years ago they cut the same deal with Israel to take in African refugees from Israeli concentration camps which had been exclusively built by the Netanyahu government to contain only African refugees and not those from anywhere else. For the record, it is known in Ugandan security circles that Rwanda actually forwards the refugees (mostly Eritrean's and Sudanese) across the border quietly to Uganda. Telling them that they'd be better off in Kampala where nobody cares about anything and where no rules are applied, rather than remain in the strict economic and socio-political environment in Rwanda. This was the case for the refugees that came from Israel. They are all now in Kampala.
However once in Uganda, these refugees from Israel still try again (by hook or crook) to find ways to travel back to Israel or alternatively to Europe, Canada, Australia and the US.
Uganda has a much celebrated open door refugee policy. But this must not be abused by the EU or any selfish rich countries.
Uganda is already the country that is the world's leading host to refugees with over 1.5 million of them already in the poor country while all the insatiable, greedy rich countries like the EU are heartlessly shutting their doors to humanity on dubious xenophobic grounds including claims of purported jobs lost to poor, unqualified African refugees. How?
There is nothing that indicates evil will more than this whole disturbing situation.
I am told that all third country applcations by African refugees to be transferred to Europe or America have now been stopped. That is particularly the case for all the Somali and Eritrean refugees in Uganda who were hoping to see their application process for Europe return successful. Little did they know that the rich western countries sat together a few months ago and stopped all African governments from processing all refugee transfer requests.
Yet on the other hand these rich nations are known to be the very countries partly responsible for the dire socio-political and economic conditions in Africa through a whole century of political puppetism, plunder, trade barriers and low price fixing of the continents resources. Had it not been for the recent Chinese development investments, the rapid industrialization of the continent today and the related highest GDP growth on the planet that Africa is experiencing today would not be happening at all.
Furthermore, the old developed countries are the ones that created the tax havens that fuel corruption in Africa, economic exploitation, tax evasion, capital flight, and corrupt cash from Africa being hidden in the so-called "fiscal paradise" which are simply secret jurisdictions deliberately created for money laundering, continued economic parasitism, continued plunder, and continued economic colonialism after they were forced to grant Africa it's political independence. Publicly available expert revelations depict how these rich western countries can regularly be found to be secretly behind all the political upheavals and conflicts in Africa ever since they divided the continent to themselves in the 1885 Berlin Conference, a union of expansionist fascism better known as the infamous "Scramble for Africa". The consequences of that summit are humongous. And will continue to unfold for centuries to come. Many have died from conflicts emanating directly from that forced partitioning. Including bitter inter-ethnic fighting for survival or control of the newly carved countries that did not exist before.
Obviously, the countries that partitioned Africa for themselves have not had enough of dragging Africa down and keeping Africa down. Even in this 21st century.
I wonder what they have to say for themselves on all these facts.

Thank You & God bless Mother Africa!

Signed: Hussein Lumumba Amin
Saturday October 5th, 2019