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Jerusalem contrasted with Medina
By:Ahmed Moosa, Cape Town
Date: Saturday, 28 September 2019, 7:08 pm


I was thinking a few days ago about the story that there are three Harams. The imams etc always say this and the masses accept that and believe it. According to Al-Quran there is no mention of such a claim. Allah SWT only speaks about One Haram which is in Makkah. Refer to chapter 17 verse 1. And in chapter 2 verses 124 to 132 Allah SWT speaks about the raising of the foundation of the Ancient House. In chapter 9 verses 107 to 110 Allah SWT speaks about the first masjid built on piety in Madinah. That is referred to in chapter 17 verse 1 as the Furtherest masjid. And keep in mind that during the time of the messenger Muhammad there was no masjid in Jerusalem as we know. There's no mention of Jerusalem anywhere in Al-Quran.

So the fable that there are 3 Harams has to be rejected based on Al-Quran. Every messenger was told to perform Hajj as we know from chapter 41 verse 43, and that Musa also knew about Hajj as referenced in chapter 28 verse 27. Check the Arabic. The word is Hijjah used by Shuaib the messenger of Allah SWT.

Keep in mind that Allah SWT says He blessed the precedents of the Furtherest masjid and because Allah SWT has blessed the precedents of the masjid it is so peaceful in Madinah. The exact opposite is in Jerusalem. Every day there's fighting and shooting and killing so we again see proof that it could never be Jerusalem.