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America and Europe are bigoted
By:Shuja Ali, India
Date: Saturday, 28 September 2019, 7:08 am

Dear Ulemas , Dear Journalists and Dear all other Muslims.
assalamualaikum wrw

It is nice listening to able scholars from time to time . Jazak ALLAH Khair.

Killing of Mankind and Destruction of their Assets. :
Who is behind Nagasaki , behind Holocast, World Wars and Genocide in Koreas ,Vietnam,Yugoslavia ,Chechnya, Iraq, Afghanistan ,Iran, Libya and every where else ?
The Terror Groups :
Who created and support the terrorist groups ,
Who Fund Them
Who Supply the Arms to them
Who Promote and Encourage ideas of Separation
Who Direct the Media to Report all the Shit
Who Bribe our Corrupt Executive, Army and Politicians
Who Enter our Territories and does indiscriminate Bombing
As such all the time scolding Muslims, belittling Islam , its not the happy reading / listening for the viewers / audience.

We should talk what good we have and good we are doing and how we can do better as Muslims and as Mankind and so on. While we continue to believe in truthfulness of Quran and teachings of our beloved prophet MOHAMMAD , pbuh.
Islam is the only practiced religion in the world and its growing day by day.

The rest of them have no divine guidelines to follow and what ever it is they do not solemnly follow.There are over whelming Scientific Proves of the truth of Quran.

All over the world, except OIC countries , we find people sleeping on the streets, hungry and starving , homeless and left at homes for elderly , millions of destitute runaway children and women , fatherless children and single mothers, incest and all sorts of irregularities, please check the statistics , its alarming , its astronomical in numbers, People in prisons in USA alone are around 2.5 million with 3rd of the Nation with criminal records as we say we shall reap what shall we sow.

The ignorant yet need to learn how to clean properly after passing shit in the toilets.

We are the fastest growing religion, with ever increasing mosques with more and more worshippers. We are the only practiced religion on Earth.

Its hard to find place in Mosques on Fridays, our youth are more religious , more truthful , more bold and industrious , our Media is free ,

We possess most of the world's Black Gold and other natural resources, with rainbow of colours and creed of people in Islam's fold ,with all 4 seasons , variety of rivers and mountains , with nuclear strength and strong armies and above all a great purpose to live and die for.

We have a Future in Paradise.

What ends well is well.Muslims with the slightest Eiman in their hearts shall eventually end up in Paradise.

We continue to analyze and improve ourselves in areas of religion and economics , we are a force to be reckoned. Millions of our volunteer Ulemas are busy day and night for this sacred task asking no reward for the back breaking task and lacs of Madrassahs are striving hard to extend teachings of Quran and Sunnah while King Fahad Quran Printing Press in Madinah is distributing Quran with its translations in around 25 languages to all over the world free of any charge for the last 25 years or so.

We play no mischief like JEWS , CHRITIANS AND THE BLOODY HINDU INDIANS , like MOSAD , RAW and CIA !
We do not kill innocent people in drone attacks , we do not arm and fund dissidents in other countries, we do not engineer conflicts and disputes ,, we do not sell bombs and guns to outlaws and do not interfere like they did in separation of East Pakistan.
Nations are dependent on Muslim Oil and other Natural Resources Besides heavily dependent to sell their Arms for their survival.
Muslims are significant work force all over the world. Within OIC Countries they work hard for the living 6 to 7 Days a week , NO 4 and a very few 5 Days a week.
Muslims are Managing their countries well despite criminal interference and engineered conflicts from cowards ,vicious world trouble mongers.
All Muslims are ONE Nation under banner of Islam , the only well documented and practiced way of life with family values intact , no free sex or abnormality of homosexuality , no homes for respected elderly, homes for orphans and destitute, mosques for collective worship , free food for the hungry with youth population of up to 65% ...............its a long list of value added virtues.
Muslims do not meddle in affairs of other countries and other nations. They do not create or support violent groups nor supply this arms and ammunitions.
Muslims have become a Global Movement for Peace and Tranquility thru spread of Quran and Sunnah.
Muslims in Millions are regularly reading and memorizing and practicing Quran and Sunnah , the last message of GOD Almighty , well intact and protected.
Muslims are busy day and night to improve their understanding of Quran and Islam.
Muslims along with the whole world respect Prophet of Islam , pbuh, and all Muslims believe in all other Prophets of other religions.
Muslims have a sound basis to follow as to when and where to use Might.

Wish ALLAH swt may give guidance to whole world to know what is right and what is really forward looking. .
Warm regards.



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America and Europe are bigoted
Shuja Ali, India -- Saturday, 28 September 2019, 7:08 am
America and Europe are bigoted
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