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US Court SHALL STOP Geno... of Mu.....
By:Arshad Khan, UMMAABroadcasting, Rolla, MO
Date: Thursday, 26 September 2019, 7:50 pm

Hello Ms Hena @ DC:
As you will review ALL below, you will understand that ONLY way to STOP MUSLIMS GENOCIDES ww, is to START The First CASE in Fed Court in our USA, Against Modi/RSS-Hindutva(Nazi-terrorist-idealogy...

MODI's RSS-Hindutva Controlled Thousands of NGO's in our USA, have BILLIONS of $$ More than WE/American Working Class(Blacks, whites, Muslims, Hispanics)....ALL Our CongressFolks are GREEDY for $$ via PAC's....WE Can NEVER provide Our CongressFolks MILLIONS of $$, which MODI's RSS-Hindutva DOES..

Also, MODI/Rss/Hindutva TODAY CONTROLs Our MEDIA(inclusive UN & EU

...ONLY a Public-Political Movement in OUR USA(same as we did in 60's/70's Against Vietnam War, & 100%Iranian Students did at EVERY American Campus Against Shah-of-iran), starting with a US Fed Case Against MODI/Ngo's(as below explained..otherwise we all can CRY & CRY, & Lobby & Lobby, & be under DELUSIONS, BUT MUSLIMS GENOCIDES ww, will NOT STOP.

Rgrds, Arshad Khan, UMMAA Broadcasting LLC, Missouri(tweet: @arshad_USA