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Commercial Mullas
By:Moulvi Saeed Siddique, Karachi
Date: Wednesday, 25 September 2019, 7:04 pm

‚ÄčAssalam Alaikum.

Dear Muslim brothers and sisters:

I would earnestly request you in the name of Almighty Allah to kindly start reading of Quranic translation to understand and follow Islam correctly and entirely without cornering Islam to so-called five pillars of rituals only.

There is no 'Order' of Allah to learn Arabic language with correct pronouncing to read and understand the Holy Quran bestowed for the entire humanity and also to simply read, recite and memorize/HIFZ of Holy Quran without understanding to depend on Mullas for 'misguidance' instead of Allah for specific Guidance/Mohkmaath to earn HIS Blessings.

Actually Allah is above languages and dialects and HIS three previous Holy Books i.e. Torah, Zuboor and Bible were bestowed in the then prevalent languages of the time to warn and guide the then erring and deviated humanity to HIS Right Path.

Hence being a Universal Deen/religion not Mazhab/theology only, we should all read Quranic translation with explanation again and again to understand and follow Islam correctly and entirely to avoid all exploitation, deviation, extremism, Talibanism, excesses and over-acting in religious matters and rituals, rule of Pirs, Faqirs, Sajada Nashins, Babas and their Taweez, Ganday, Jadoo, Tona and special Dua business, big political Mullas with thousands of blind followers who divide the Muslim Ummah to dominate us. The big exploiting 'Hud Haraam' deviated Mullas' favorite hobby is to occupy open plots, lots, play grounds, parks, big road intersections etc. in Pakistan to build illegal Masajid and Madressahs every where and near to each other and by calling such illegally built sectarian/Maslak/Fiqah/cult based Masajid as House of Allah, they prevent their demolition.

Actually the whole Holy Quran and all its specific Guidance/Mohkmaath (3:7) on all matters of life with solution to problems is the Pillar of Islam and have to be followed in letter and spirit to achieve Allah's Blessings. Islam is a complete way of life/religion/Deen (5:3) and theology/Mazhabi rituals are only part of our complete religion/Deen.

Our Mulla community particularly Masjid Imams hardly project and promote all the Quranic Mohkmaath (3:7) in their Khitabs/speeches particularly in their Juma and Eid Khitabs to keep us religiously backward to get exploited and deviated by vested interests.

Please bow and worship Allah only and follow HIS Holy Quranic Guidance/Mohkmaath in its entirety along with only such man-written Sahih Hadiths which are in accordance with our Holy Quran only. PLease reject boldly such manipulated Hadiths, tales, stories, sayings, traditions etc. commonly relied and preached by our Mulla community to lengthen their Khitabs/speeches to dominate us in religious matters and rituals.

That is why Allah has strictly prohibited priesthood/Mullaism (57:27/ 9:31,34) because they exploit our noble religion to earn money and to divide and rule us. All are equal before Allah and equally accountable and answerable for their deeds and misdeeds, sins and evils, Shirk and Bidah, un Islamic customs and practices etc.

An easy and clear religion of Islam (2:2/ 5:15/ 6:105/ 24:18/27:1-2,77/ 39:23) with no compulsion or force (2:156/ 18:1/ 22:78) has deliberately been made very hard by our exploiting Mullas with various 'Ifs' and 'Buts' along with weak and fabricated Hadiths, tales, stories, sayiings, traditions, conflicting Arabic history after the demise of our noble Prophet, Caliphate differences, sectarianism, Maslak, Fiqah differences, Pirs, Faqirs, demi Gods, bogus 'Wasilas' to Allah, Taweez, Ganday, Jadooo, Tona, special Dua business, near Mazar 'worship' of dead saints, big exploiting Mullas of various religious groups and parties to divide and dominate us---all against the One Ummah concept of Islam (49:10).

Islam is based on TRUTH and nothing but the Truth. This is the main Pillar of Islam. Allah directs us to always uphold Truth in all matters of life (2:42,147,213/ 4:122,170/ 7:181). But practice of falsehood, false promises, false oaths, dishonesty, coruption, fraud, lies, bluff, back biting etc. have become common feature of our society as the exploiting Mullas themselves indulge in projection of false Hadiths etc. with false promise of Jannah to Masjid donors also.

Allah has specifically directed that none and not even our Prophet can change/amend or deviate from the Holy Quran and its Mohkmaath to entire humanity except following and preaching Islam, a complete Deen (5:3) and guiding the erring and deviated humanity and warning the non believers to come to the Right Path of Allah (10:15,64,94-95,209/ 16:64/ 18:27/ 24:54/ 25:1,56/ 33:2/ 46:9). Hence follow Allah not MULLA.

Allah specifically directs us to obey and follow HIM and our Prophet only ( 7:158/ 8:20,46/ 24:51,54/ 47:33-34/ 48:9) as the real Islamic history ends here after completion of our Deen through Holy Quran, a Book of Guidance, bestowed on our Prophet. No succession is mentioned in the Holy Quran as wrongly being projected by our exploiting Mullas.

Some of the common fabricated Hadiths etc. quoted by the Mullas are explained below:

.......Those who give Chanda/donations to 'sectarian, Maslak, Fiqah, cult based' Masajid, wrongly and deliberately being termed as House of Allah to fool us, Allah will build a House for them in Jannah. Actually the House of Allah is One and Only Masid ul Haraam, Makkah which is free from man-made sectarian, Maslak, Fiqah differences, group and party interest, donation collection, cults of big Mullas, Pirs, Faqirs etc. and to which are linked Khan-e-Kaaba, Muqam Ibrahim, Hujr Aswad, Aab Zam Zam, hillocks of Safwa and Marwa and where Hajj and Umra are performed. The rest of the Masjid are simply prayer halls only.

......,.The Masjid Imams waste our time and energy in their vague and long Juma Khitabs hardly touching Quranic Mohkmaath when Friday is not a holiday in the west. Then after second Azan, they indulge in two long Arabic Qutbas instead of one as practiced in Arabia not even allowing time for Sunnah prayers. They lengthen their Namaz deliberately and some of the sick and elder persons looze their Wudu. But they don't care.

Then after Namaz, they make long DUA for all of us against Quranic edicts (2:186/ 40:60/ 50:16/ 56:85) which clearly say that Allah listens our DUA directly. But they don't care to avoid such Shirk as we generally lack Quranic knowledge to challenge them.

There are other many exploitation and deviation among us, all due to deliberate misguidance by the 'commercial' Mullas who have adopted Islam as a money earning profession.


Moulvi Saeed Siddique

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