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Re: Allama Iqbal said:
By:Dr Mukhtar Alam, Hunza
Date: Tuesday, 24 September 2019, 8:52 pm
In Response To: Allama Iqbal said: (Dr Shabbir, Florida)

Hello Dr Shabbir, Assalam o alaikum, I am curious to learn on the elements of your vision in which India and Pakistan with border and known so to rest of the nations as we now know would not be there in 2020.

In the interim, I have shared below to a momina Linda Ilhaan Barto since he left groups in which some victims of Wahabism not aware of key TAQWA verse built on the obedience of the obedience measurement of Allahussamad through the divinely chosen leadership said things which she did not like. She was very much right.

USA needs to have a national mission for education on the chain of Fatemi Khalifatullah in order to eradicate the KUFR of all such cognitive and spiritual states who delude the identity of MUFTI (the one who can give opinions on religious matters, and position invented by KAFIRS of aal e Mohammad SUH and HP led Islam)while denying the same to others much more learned.
Such are not aware of key obedience protocol for souls across the ages which is decreed in verse 4:59.

Here is one conversation with extensive text on the key position of divinely chosen leadership for the obedience of Allahussamad across the ages https://www.slideshare.net/mukhtaralam/understanding-ulil-amr-minkum-in-verse-459-letter-to-niyas-abbas I suffered a USA based Pakistan origin Pashtoon cyber terrorist called Kamraan Afridi from Atlanta in 2014 and my family continues to have that in their memory. He befriended me through a fake identity and then started posting doctored images of my wife and daughter on the wall. What was that for? Explaining the enduring promise of verse 2:124 to prophet Abraham SUH and HP which makes muslims known as Shia Ismaili Nizari muslims believe in the chain of Fatemi Khalifatullah.

I am sure you will appreciate this much better since you are one known to me for so many years. Before 2010, I was not aware of the chain of Fatemi Khalifatullah. https://ismailignosis.com/2018/07/11/the-seats-of-the-ismaili-imamat-from-medina-to-lisbon-632-2018/

Now ,responding to Dhirendra saheb, I would like you and all to refer the links above for a week allotting quality time since we are all saluting prophet Abraham SUH and HP referred to as Guru Brahmma in common.

Please do not mix up Karl Marx here since he deluded himself as a KARTA of vasudhaiv kutumbkum and his clones experimented with the same in his name in order to destroy people of faith in the house of prophet Abraham SUH and HP referred to as Guru Brahmma. Reference to Upanashid declaration reiterated by Lord Rama earlier needs a KARTA as we have head for ourselves and our families.My father is KARTA of my family. So, we have the divinely chosen KARTA of the 7.5 billion commune/kutumb/samaaj/kunba of Adam AS and Hawwa AS, the one and only one, the leader of aal e Mohammad among the Brahmins as aal e Abraham SUH and HP. This is knowledge our prime minister needs to deliver to UNGA.

This is distinct deduction from the undersigned. Our National Flag is Islamic/Sanatan Dharmic.Our National Acnthem and Constitution is Islamic/Sanatan Dharmic Too:Attn Kashmiries | Facebook which all in Kashmir and Pakistan need to learn fast in order to be Islamic/Sanatan Dharmic since this knowledge is not part of the collective cognitive and spiritual system of India. Please read the above carefully. ABVP guys need to learn the above fast along with all student organisations. How that would happen?

Sanatan Islamic Common Avatar, Adhinayak, Karta of Vasudhaiv Kutumbkum for Cognitive and Spiritual Unity of 7.5 Billion+ | Facebook is another note which you like to read on the Sanatan Dharmic/Islamic common code of peace/shanti/shalom for all souls.

With the above, you all may consider the spiritual progress for yourself in here and now. Uniting Sects across Faiths in the House of prophet Abraham SUH & HP referred to as Guru Brahmma within and across the Nations | Facebook

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