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Re: Muslim Unity
By:shahalam, TX
Date: Tuesday, 24 September 2019, 4:55 am
In Response To: Muslim Unity (Ejaz Naqvi, Nepal)

How do we envision the sense of Ummah, what form does it take, and how it serves?

As seen in history or the present world, people are born to form individual societies, not for world combination. Given different cultures, language, traditions, resources, abilities, politics, and economics, personal interests etc., people by nature are not made to live in close connection with other people. Though we may be attracted towards each other by religious emotions or common sympathy in case of flood or earthquakes, but kept back by asymmetric interests. For example, Saudi Arabia and US may seem like one Ummah, but Saudi Arabia and Yemen, Qatar or Iran not. Then there are realities of sects and fiqh that hardly mix together.

In today’s modernism religion based unity is labeled theocracy of society; forming political unity to the exclusion of others is fascism, drawing wrath from others.

Aside from contrariety of understandings, and given your sincere interest in the subject, please present us your blue print of a viable Ummah reality that is free from prejudice, interpersonal inhibitions among Muslims. Or even the idea of unity in variety!

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