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Hindutva liars
By:Khurshid Anwar, Canada
Date: Saturday, 21 September 2019, 8:54 pm

Hindu individually and Hindu India ( Sickular, secular outside and bigot inside ) as a whole represent lie / untruth on a micro and macro level. You and all other Hindus on this board are always making false assertions against Islam and Muslims, supporting them from dubious, biased, untrustworthy sources like you tried to here yesterday. Not any / every source is equally reliable. Some are very reliable and have a reputation for generally telling the truth that goes with them.

Read Q 5:8 where the Muslims are exhorted to speak the truth even if it gives advantage to their enemies and 4:135 which tells us to tell the truth even if it may harm us or our near and dear one.

Pakistan is not a good example of good Islamic behaviors. They have had a most corrupt crop of ( Muslims in name ) rulers whose private or public life had no connection to Islam. India has been a mega liar from its very inceptions. It’s rulers broke their promises to Sikhs, Kashmiris and other minorities repeatedly. They colluded with Mujibur Rahman to create Bangladesh and agreed years later that they colluded with Mujib to break up Pakistan.

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Hindutva liars
Khurshid Anwar, Canada -- Saturday, 21 September 2019, 8:54 pm
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Tilak Devasher, Delhi -- Saturday, 21 September 2019, 9:20 pm