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Apartheid in India
By:Usha S Aujla, Nepal
Date: Friday, 20 September 2019, 1:03 pm

Root cause

India has south African like Aparthied legislations. Article 25 to denies sikhs,jainas and Buddhist basic fundamental rights,freedom of religion and choice and choose in india.

Article 25

clause [b] providing for social welfare and reform or the throwing open of hindu religious institutions of a public charactor
to all classes and sections of hindus.

Explanation 2.in sub clause[b]of clause[2] the reference to hindus shall be construed as including
a reference to persons professing the Sikh.Jainas or Buddhist religion.
and the reference to hindu religious institutions shall be construed accordingly.


Explanation 2 very clearly define sikhs,jainas and Buddhist are class and section of hindus.

this is no small legislative error.this was done on purpose to enveloped Sikhs
in to the fold of Hinduism. by very clever virtue of this legislative definition. commission said.

Sikhs Articles of Faith are Documented,stamped,registered,certificated under Hindu code family laws.
sikh distinct identity marker Anand marriage Act 1909 Gov of india clubed it as sub Act of Hindu marriage Act in 2012.keeping sikhs under Hindu code,Hindu family Laws.
india secularism democracy
on Trial
India Legislations must stop throttles,choking,suffocation of india minority communities Fundamental rights.freedom to religion freedom of choice and choose.under Article 25 clause[b] Explanation 2.sikhs,Jainas and Buddhist freedom is jackbooted,Choked under majority community Hindu References Family Laws.these legislations must be Amended,reworded as recommended by the constitution Justice Vinkatchalia review commission in year 2002.
Right to Freedom of Religion. choice and choose.
sign post of hindu code.hindu family laws.Forced Applicable on Sikhs,Jainas and Buddhist.

[1] hindu marriage act 1955.
[2]hindu adoption act 1956.
[3]hindu minority and guardianship act 1956.
[4]hindu succession act 1956.

[5] HUF Tax Laws 1956. is a separate entity than the income tax of india 1950 to give extra write off benefits to Hindus to suck the india treasury? christians,muslims sikhs,buddhist need not to apply.
http://www.rediff.com/getahead/2006/apr/21huf.htm please click on this link to read the HUF Tax Laws.

Firstly what happened in 1984 was a state-orchestrated Sikh genocide. These weren’t RIOTS unless by your apologetic definition even the Holocaust was an anti-Semitic riot.Nanavati Commission Report clearly mentions that the instructions to kill the Sikhs came directly from the PMO.The then President & the Home Minister wanted to call in the Army but the decision was VETOED by ‘father of mob lynching‘ PM Rajiv Gandhi.Journey for Justice 1984 Sikh Massacre - Duration: 9:01.state-orchestrated Sikh genocide.​
Watch Survivor Interviews, Days after November 1984

Hindu private Army
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umJn98SPcsg click here to watch.

Ban The RSS In The UK - Nazi Ideology - YouTube
HELP BAN THE RSS BY SIGNING THIS PETITION http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/bantherss/index.html The RSS- Rashtriya Swaymsevak Sangh is a Hindu Extreamist ...
Nehru in neo Nazi uniform member RSS Hindu private army?.
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RSS neo Nazi fascist outfit is the darling of Hind rashtar.nehru was active RSS member deep down in his heart he was architect for Hindu rashtar.RSs is involved in many undemocratic activities blowing up samjhota train killing 60 innocent peoples and still not banned .

fascist salute. modi PM of india
Image result for hindu rss girls trained with weapons
RSS Hindu girls are trained with modern weapons to bully india minorities.

just think if muslims,sikhs and Christians sons and daughters start self policing themselves.they will be called terrorist
rise on india hindu fascism and hindu terrorism
Proof of HINDU TERRORISM No Jesus No Moses

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