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Jalaluddin Rumi-EXPOSED
By:abdalaziz ariff / indiana
Date: Monday, 16 September 2019, 10:23 pm

Sufism: An Alien Plant in the Soil of Islam


The forbidden Rumi - Jalaluddin Rumi EXPOSED
By Brother Ozcan - contributor Muslim Villa

Lately I've been very frustrated because the imam I trusted is talking with so much respect about all previous 'ulema' such as Gazali and even Jalaluddin al Rumi, who for example claims that his rubbish called "Mesnevi" is better than the Qur'an !!! Did you even know that? My favourite scholar says we should reject those parts of Rumi's writings, which by the way also contain disgusting pornographic passages, but claims that "Rumi is still one of our greatest assets". How on earth can you call a mushrik one of the Ummah's greatest assets? Anyway, for this reason I have decided to devote most of my time to the Qur'an and I refuse to believe anything anyone says from now on. I'm really fed up with everyone, I no longer have "favourite" Islamic scholars. They only lead you astray!
In Turkey people get really mad when you dare criticize these people because they are almost regarded as prophets by a large section of the population. I can easily say that there are millions of mushriks in my country who think they are Muslims.
Hadith is full of porn, and if you want more disgusting porn, you should read Rumi's Masnavi. The sinful Rumi has gone to the extent of claiming that Allah appeared as a beautiful woman.

Jalal ud Din Rumi was born in Balkh in 604H. His father left the city, and Rumi met in travel Farid ud Din ‘Attar, who gave his book “Israr-nama” (book of mysteries) to Rumi while he was a child. Then after residing in different land, he and his family settled in Qonya, where Rumi became a teacher in the Madrasah established by his father. In 642 H, Shamsi Tabriz came to Qonya, and Rumi became his student, and he was so attached to him that he left teaching and would isolate with Shamsi Tabriz. And Rumi’s student seeing the bad influence of Shams Tabriz on Rumi threatened Shams Tabriz who fled to Tabriz, and Rumi went there and brought his Peer back. Then he was further threatened and he went to Damascus, and Rumi became sad of this separation and he wrote then his poems called “Divan e Shams e Tabrizi”. Then there are different stories, but some people say Shamsi Tabriz came later and was assassinated by some students of Rumi. Rumi wrote later his Sufi tales called “Mathnawi” and he died in 672H. The Sufi Tosun Bayrak even claim in the introduction of his translation of Ibn ‘Arabi’s book “Divine governance of the human kingdom” that Ibn ‘Arabi in his way to Damascus met Rumi before Rumi went to Qoniya, and later ibn ‘Arabi’s student Sadr Qunawi met Rumi many times in Qonya.

One can see in the poems of this “Divan” clear call to Wahdatul Wujud (unity of existence) and Wahdatul Adyan (unity of religions). Wahdatul Wujud (unity of existence) has NOTHING to do with Monotheism or Tawheed which is the essence of Islam. Wahdatul Wujud is a soofi doctrine preaching that the existence of all things is one and that existence itself is Allah, prompting humans to claim that each one of them is Allah. Yahya Harun is also one of those suspected of following this despicable doctrine. Exalted is Allah Most High above their Satanic heresy. Also, Wahdatul Adyan (unity of religions) does NOT refer to Islam or submission to the ONE GOD as the only true Faith as confirmed in the Quran (refer Surah Al-Imran, Chapter 3 - Verses 85 to 87). Wahdatul Adyan is a doctrine that claims all religions are fine and it's okay to follow any religion - a total kuffar ideology.

Nicholson translated some poems of this divan and called his book: “Selected poems from “Divan e Shams e Tabrizi”” and d this has been published by Ibex publishers.

Quoting Rumi's poem: P 29-31, poem 8.
"The man of God is not learned from book.
The man of God is beyond infidelity and religion,
The man of God right and wrong are alike.
The man of God has ridden away from Not-being,
The man of God is gloriously attended.
The man of God is concealed, Shamsi Din;"

Comment: The last sentence shows that Rumi believes his Peer Shamsi Tabriz is in fact Allah, and the man of Allah seek and find him. And what a lie upon Allah's religion, the Muslims are not beyond infidelity and religion, rather they follow the religion revealed by Allah, and these Batinis Sufis want to destroy the religion of Truth and replace it with their own religion inspired by Shaytan.