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Re: Imam Husain: Nazm of Josh
Date: Sunday, 15 September 2019, 5:50 am
In Response To: Imam Husain: Nazm of Josh (S M Ali Khawar, Orlando)

Kill anyone who confronts you, and destroy everything in your way.

Mu'awiyah has ordered to kill every one of the primitive tribes between here and' Mecca who refuses to pay you tithe.
at-Ta ban

'Abd Allah ibn Mus'adah, son of the Hakamah ibn Malik ibn Badr al-Fazari was another
commander sent by Mu'awiyah for sabotage and destruction in Iraq in the Imam's realm. 'Abd
Allah was at first a follower of the Imam, but he went to Damascus after some time to join
Mu'awiyah, and changed his conduct so much that he became one of the staunchest enemies of
Imam 'Ali. He lived long, so that in the time of Yazid ibn Mu'awiyah he took part in the event of
al-Harrah when the army of ash-Sham attacked Medina, combat which was full of cruelty,
violation, insult and disgrace, and another black stain on the wicked character of Yazid and
Umayyad caliphs.

ad-Dahhak ibn Qays was of the Quraysh and one of Mu'awiyah's commanders. He was born seven
years before the decease of the Prophet. He fought hard in the wars of Mu'awiyah and suffered
many difficulties. He was for a long time chief of the police in Damascus. Later in the year 53
of the Hijrah he became governor of Kufah for four years, and was then given, for the second
time, the position of chief of the police of Damascus. In the time of Mu'awiyah's death he was
in charge of his burial affairs, and informed Yazid who had gone hunting, of his father's death.
But after the death of Mu'awiyah ibn Yazid, the third Umayyad caliph, he showed allegiance to
'Abd Allah ibn az-Zubayr and fought with Marwan ibn-Hakam, the Umayyad caliph, at Maraj
Rahit, and it was in the same region and battle that he was killed in the month of Dhu al-Hijjah
of the year 64 of the; Hijrah.(159) at-Tabari writes: Mu'awiyah sent ad-Dahhak towards Iraq with three thousand men, ordering
him to pass through the lower region of Waqisah and plunder all the Arabs who inhabited this
region and were followers of the Imam. ad-Dahhak obeyed the order and went to the region of
ath-Tha'labjyah and plundered the tribes that lived there. Then he proceeded towards Kufah
and raided the region of al-Qutqutanah, and came across 'Amr ibn 'Umays ibn Mas'ud who was
on a pilgrimage trip and without paying attention to any sanctity he pillaged him and the
caravan which was visiting the House of God, and prevented them from continuing their sacred
journey.(160) In ath-Thaqafi's book of "Plunders" (al-Gharat), the story of ad-Dahhak is narrated as
follows: ad-Dahhak proceeded to Iraq, plundering every place and killing of people, until
he reached the region of ath-Tha'labiyah where he plundered the pilgrims who were
going to Mecca, and then went on till he came across 'Amr ibn 'Umays, nephew of 'Abd Allah ibn
Mas'ud, a well known companion of the Prophet, who was with the caravan going to Mecca, and
killed him and a group of his fellow pilgrims(161)

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