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Media Blockade by Hindutva
By:Arshad Khan, UMMAABroadcasting, Rolla, MO
Date: Wednesday, 11 September 2019, 7:31 pm

We must never accept BLOCK of American Media/Journalists, by Modi's Hindutva-Rss Covert agents{ spread allover US internet/google/watsapp/etc}. Today's telecon with a PAK Journalist/Editor in Belgium revealed, that many Journalists in PAK have accounts BLOCKED (watsapp, facebook,twitter, etc) apparently by same Rss-Hindutva folks planted inside American internet Co's

Therefore many American Muslims told us, that they AFRAID to stand-up against Foreigner MODI/Rss/Hindutva, even as Modi executes Muslims-GENOCIDE inside india, occupied-Kashmir, Burma, etc.

Our emails( both: UmmaaBroadcasting@gmail.com & ArshadAKhanRollaMo@gmail.com) Blocked every week off/on..?

Several American individuals & entities have discussed with MLFA & other attorneys, to ask for injunction in US Fed Court, against Foreigner Modi-Hindutva/Rss, & against approx. 500 Non-Profits/Ngos Financing(501C Violation) a Foreigner(MODI/Rss) Houston's Political Rally.

Please HELP in PR-publicity, as our American media is practically Controlled by Modi/Hindutva supporters/covert-agents.

Please inform your members about our BLOCK, & the US Fed Case we all organizing

As you aware, ALL American-Hindutva controlled Associations/Mandirs/politicians/academia/media-folks/Drs/Motels/Businesses/etc, are 24/7 Discussing-Planning Against Muslims Fundamental-RIGHTS( Economic, Human, Political, Religious, etc) inside USA & world-wide.

Appreciate your indulgence
PS: have resided in Murfreesboro.

Regards, Arshad A Khan( PE/Kansas'80; (member/Reporters-without-Borders)
UMMAA Broadcasting LLC, Rolla, Missouri
(since 2007: media-member/Rolla Chamber of Commerce)