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Kashmir carnage and the UN
By:Saeeda Fazil, Canada
Date: Monday, 9 September 2019, 11:19 pm

‚ÄčThe tragedy is no dictatorial and selfish Arab king, Amir, non elected President etc. and no world organization like UN/Security Council is going to take any positive action in favor of Kashmiris. The only solution is to wage war against India to free the Kashmiris. Our PM Imran Khan did his best through contacts and asking the world community and UN to take action with no result. The Arabs rulers have their own problem of dominating and killing each other. They keep their people illiterate and backward to rule them. Muslims are persecuted every where like in Myanmar/Burma, Uiyghar province in China etc. and there is rising Islamophobia and discrimination in the West against the Muslim settlers.

Our Masajid in the West never ask our Muslims to be moderate as Ummath Wasth to become part of the mainstream society and avoid Mullaism, excesses in rituals, growing big uncut beards and wearing Arabic dress to impress others while some of our women wear coffin type Burqa from head to foot to show their over-love for Islam.

There is a craze to build Masajid and Madressahs every where and near to each other to promote Mullaism and discrimination of the Muslims in the west. To keep us religiously backward, the Mullas promote learning of Arabic language as if Allah is Arabic knowing only and also promote simply reading/reciting of Holy Quran and its HIFZ/memorization-all without understanding to dominate and rule us as our priests, prohibitted by Allah. The US President has already ordered action against us.

Our PM is daily lecturing the people on various issues and holding meetings and issuing orders which are ultimately filed instead of action. Falsehood, Corruption and Fraud are on the rise in our society and our corrupt police and the lengthy paper-work Judicial system can not punish the big dacoits/thieves like Zardari, Nawaz Shariff and other looters of public money. Hence we should not expect anything positive from our rulers except bluff and speeches which is our culture. Thanks.