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What is Ummah? What is Humanity?
By:Hussein Amin Lumumba, Uganda
Date: Thursday, 5 September 2019, 9:18 pm
In Response To: What is Ummah? What is Humanity? (Dr Shabbir, Florida)


MAYHEM HERE TOO. Violence in Africa.

Why exactly are some South African idiots murdering fellow Africans?
Many people both on this continent and overseas, including myself, have discussed this issue at length everytime there is an outbreak of xenophobia in South Africa. However I am yet to see a step by step approach or policy designed to eradicate this plague instead of the usual speeches. Something has to be done and therefore dealing with this violence requires dealing with all the reasons and excuses that are fuelling the barbarity.
On one hand, there are those who might say that it is fellow Africans who have abused their welcome in South Africa. And on the other hand, we see empoverished jobless South Africans using political excuses to engage in criminal opportunism. Sheer ignorance and greed manifesting itself in the form of murder, looting and other despicable primitive behaviours that constitute the sad and disturbing events that the world has witnessed today coming from South Africans, and targeting not Whites, Indians, Arabs or Chinese but exclusively fellow Africans.
Africa is being slaughtered in South Africa.
So in order to end this development, it's stupity, it's excuses, and it's deadly consequences to innocent lives, the ANC government must first dismantle economic Apartheid from South Africa so that equality becomes a reality for all in the livelihoods of every citizen of the so-called rainbow nation. Then the ANC party and government might simultaneously want to establish the full record of all the African leaders and foreigners who helped them and sacrificed for South Africa in the struggle against Apartheid. The ANC must also establish the full moral value of all the political, financial and in-kind support that they got for endless decades from those African leaders and foreign individuals. Let it be clear that nobody is asking them for a refund because it was in service to human rights, human dignity and the humane self-determination of Africans on their own continent and in their own countries that many contributed to the struggle. The ANC government must establish the full weight of that international political support plus the role of Africa without which there would never have been an end to Apartheid. The subconscious deleting of all the details of the African contribution to the struggle must stop.
While the world is aware of the key role that many South African heroes played to end Apartheid, both the people of South Africa and Africans across the continent must be similarly aware of how the entire continents relentless and sometimes politically dangerous efforts are what actually led to the crumbling of political Apartheid. Individually and collectively, African leaders tirelessly shredded all the political and legal legitimacy that Apartheid enjoyed around the world with impunity. Ultimately forcing the racist regime to abdicate it's fascist ideology and fully acknowledge on the table of nation's the unjust and criminal psychological and physical suffering they had caused with their now bankrupt ideology to generations of black South Africans past, present and future.
That entire record, including the names and full recognition of the African leaders who stood alongside the people of South Africa through thick and thin, that legacy must be immediately taught across South Africa as part of the memory of Apartheid. We must learn about in all educational institutions, in all local media and across Africa. That untold history must also be clearly enshrined in all of South Africa's historical records, in the collective conscience of Africa, and in all the speeches of South Africa's political, traditional and religious leaders in regards to Apartheid so as to guarantee that all present and future generations of South Africans and Africans in general never forget the divine moral debt that the nation of South Africa owes fellow African brothers and sisters across the continent. Most of all, the South African leadership across all parties and political affiliations must not hide behind malicious opportunistic silence but come out to debunk and quash the xenophobic excuses behind the murder, hate speech and bloody anarchy that we are seeing in South Africa today as they butcher, burn and murder innocent fellow Africans in broad daylight and in total contravention of all norms of a sane and principled democratic society. Social media companies must also do everything possible to stop the propagation of inflammatory material and incitement to violence. I am talking here about what I myself have seen coming from South Africa a few months ago as the country approached general elections. In one specific instance, it took American social media company Facebook a whole month, and multiple ignored complaints from many people before they took down dangerous material that was clearly inciting murder of foreigners in South Africa and which was being virally shared across the country. Obviously there is mass ignorance of the dangers of social media in such instances. But more importantly there is generally mass ignorance of the immense sacrifices and humongous contributions that Africa made for South Africans to get where they are today and will be tomorrow. Yet it is that selfless contribution which is today enabling loud South Africans to bask in the liberty, free speech, freedom and basic democracy that they are enjoying today. And South African law enforcement must not shy away for any reason whatsoever from enforcing law and order plus the rule of law in the course of their noble duty to protect all persons and all property on the entire territory of South Africa regardless of nationality, color, religion, gender or sexual orientation as prescribed in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.
These acts of cruelty are neither agreed to in the universal declaration of human rights, nor the Rome Statute, or the Geneva Convention, or any local or international legal instrument that governs social well-being, peace and cohesion under the rule of law. Thus making the hostile behaviour tantamount to sheer savagery that has no place in a modern and progressive Africa.

Signed: Hussein Lumumba Amin
5th September

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What is Ummah? What is Humanity?
Dr Shabbir, Florida -- Thursday, 5 September 2019, 2:47 am
What is Ummah? What is Humanity?
Hussein Amin Lumumba, Uganda -- Thursday, 5 September 2019, 9:18 pm