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Karbala/‘Ashura: Lies and Fabrications.
By:abdalaziz ariff / indiana
Date: Wednesday, 4 September 2019, 11:27 pm

Karbala:Fact or Fiction by Dr. Saheb is a must read.

1.7 billion / 80% sunni 20% shia [approx.] infected seriously by fake and fairy tales.
Until and unless we amend our thinking and be called only Muslims, we will continue suffering. Allah may use any of his powerful servants [they may not be Muslims] to humiliate us. Please look around. Situation is so bad , as Ustad Ahmed Deedat used to say, We can’t even cry.
As for Mehdi [ both shia and sunni version] –As Dr. Saheb says -HAPPY WAITING.

Karbala/‘Ashura: Lies and Fabrications.

“This article(with slight additions) has been taken from TwelverShia.net and it was written by an Ex-Shia brother. Here is the link to the original article.{Click Here}.
This work is a summary of a series of lectures conducted by Ayatollah Murtadha al-Mutahhari during ‘Ashura in Iran in 1969. In these lectures Mutahhari discusses the many fabrications regarding the martyrdom of al-Husayn ibn ‘Ali (ra), and specifically the spurious stories that have been falsely attributed to this event by Shias. He demonstrates the fact that many myths have been created around this event – created specifically for the purpose of whipping the people into a frenzy and making them shed false tears.
Muttahhari sought (in 1969) to bring accountability to both the reciters of these events and the listeners. He emphasized that it was the responsibility of all parties involved to end the myth making and storytelling, and to focus instead on the factual retelling of the martyrdom of al-Husayn (ra).
(i). Murtaza Mutahhari also delivered speeches which were gathered in the first volume of Hamasa-e Husseini (The Husseini Epic). Speaking about the misrepresentations of the event of Ashura, he said: “Most of the fabrications that have occurred have been for the purpose of drawing tears, nothing else.[Tahreefat Ashura 2]
Interestingly Ayatollah Murtadha Mutahhari wasn’t alone in highlighting this fraud, but some other Shia scholars stated the same.”