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Haider Mehdi-Letter to Pres. Trump
By:abdalaziz ariff / indiana
Date: Monday, 26 August 2019, 11:59 pm

An open letter to President Donald Trump on the Illegal Annexation of Kashmir by India!

By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi – 21 August, 2019

Dear President Trump,

I’m sure you’re being briefed on this long running tragedy in Indian Occupied Kashmir. But Mr. Modi is NOT in Control and is NOT a Bilateral issue between Indian and Pakistan!

I’m not sure if you or many others understand that we are potentially seeing the start of a human tragedy of massive proportions and the potential of nuclear conflict!

What we are witnessing today is the start of a deliberate, brutal and violent ethnic cleansing and complete marginalization of the Muslim community in Indian Occupied Kashmir who are being and will continue to be put in vast concentration camps as were Jews in Nazi Germany.
And President Trump, this will lead to much more violence on all sides with countless innocents killed. This is a very very important factor that you must bring into the equation, whatever Mr. Modi, assures you. Please understand that it will be near nigh impossible for Pakistan to stop non state actors from jumping into the fray to help their beleaguered brethren and kith and kin and this could lead to very very tragic consequences. We can expect to see very high levels of violence of all sorts cropping up across not just Kashmir, but across mainland India as well and the loss of many innocent lives.

And most seriously it could very easily head towards a potential India Pakistan conflict, two highly antagonistic, nuclear armed, bitter foes. A war which will, without any doubt, be initiated by Mr. Modi who will blame Pakistan for the inevitable severe backlash and violence, which will surely follow, as alluded to above.

President Trump, Mr. Modi is an emotionally unstable individual with dreams of the superiority of the Hindu religion which like Hitler he’s translated into a superior race. This is a concept called HINDUTVA, similar to Hitler’s “Master Race”, the philosophy of the RSS, the political militant organization, founded in 1925 from which the current ruling BJP was formed, and the people who assassinated Gandhi, because of his secular approach. These people believe in a “Hindu Master Race”