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Re: Weekly Update On Kashmir
Date: Tuesday, 20 August 2019, 8:46 pm
In Response To: Weekly Update On Kashmir (Javed Rashid, Paris)

I think by removing article 370 India has seeded the future crop of talibaans, not the Afghani mountain kind but kashmiri jungle kind. The youth of ten to twenty years now will be ready in five years. Supply of weapon and money will be no problem at all dealers love it. Volunteers from Pakistan, afghans, Chechins, uzbecs followed by Saudis, sudanies and Egyptians will keep on pouring in through gateway of Pakistan. These guys are poor and jihad jobless since long and that's all their expertise is. They would love this opportunity called jihad. India stands no chance against that, Indians toare not the material of wars, at least last 1200 years prove that.

India made a horrible deal for itself at least for quarter of a century, it never learned any thing from Russia and US in Afghanistan war. Soviets brokeen into 13 pieces, US now sitting at table with talibaans in Qatar looking for exit with the help of Pakistan rather Imran Khan, who suggested negotiations in year 2000. No one listened to him then, but now he is needed in DC.

Modi can use him to exit from mess but obviously he is drunk with gaoo Mata stuff.

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