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Nuclear war between Pakistan and India?
By:Shuja ur Rahman Khan, Karachi
Date: Saturday, 17 August 2019, 6:33 pm

What happens if there is a nuclear war between Pakistan and India?

In 2018, atmospheric scientist Brian Toon gave a Ted Talk on nuclear war. During the talk, he spoke on the repercussions of a nuclear war between Pakistan and India.

Below is a transcript of his talk on nuclear war between Pakistan and India.

Even a war between India and Pakistan two of the smallest nuclear powers with only a few hundred weapons about the size of the Hiroshima bomb, we might die as unintended consequences that the Indian and Pakistani generals never even gave us a thought about.

What if war breaks out: There are all the possibilities..The war will not be with just India ..This time it will be Pakistan vs India , Israel , India’s friend notorious USA and who knows Baluchistan hungry Iran as well.

My colleagues Luke Oman and Alan Roubach calculated the spread of smoke [figure 1] after a war between India and Pakistan. It only takes about two weeks for the smoke to cover the entire earth and it would rise to altitudes between 20 to 50 miles above the surface. At those altitudes it never rains, the smoke would stay there for years.

This farmer maybe in Europe or the United States but many thousand miles from Pakistan and India is looking at the smoky sky above him and down at the crops that have died in his field from lack of light and cold temperatures.

It is estimated that in a war between India and Pakistan that we would lose 40-50 per cent of the yields of corn, wheat and rice, fruit and vegetables for 100 years afterward because of radiation and bad weather. The entire world hardly has food to feed the population for 10 days.

Ira Helfand a member of the Noble Peace Prize winning International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War has estimated that three to four billion people would die after a war between India and Pakistan simply of starvation.