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Twin faces of Indian policy on Kashmir
By:Latheef Farook, Sri Lanka
Date: Friday, 16 August 2019, 11:36 pm

Deception and barbarity - Twin faces of Indian policy on Kashmir - by Latheef Farook
Aug 16 at 12:40 PM

Deception and barbarity
Twin faces of Indian policy on Kashmir
August 16, 2019 - by Latheef Farook

Kashmir , bleeding under Indian atrocities, has often been described as “Emerald set in Pearls”, “Jewel of Asia “ and “ Heaven on Earth”. These enchanting beauties provoked the famous Persian poet Urfi Shiraz to say that” if roasted fowl is brought to Kashmir not only shall it come to life, but shall be on its wings again”.

In his first visit to Kashmir, the founder of Mogul Empire, Emperor Zahiruddin Bahar said” if there is a paradise on earth, it is here”.

Such is the indescribable beauty of the snow clad mountains of Kashmir with all its delightful flower beds, luscious green forests, lakes and canals.

The British Empire which brought Kashmir under its control sold Kashmir to Raja Gulab Singh, a Hindu warlord of Dogra family in Jammu for Rs 7.5 million under the illegal 1846 Treaty of Amritsar.

Kashmiri Muslims opposed the sinister sale which placed them under forced Hindu ruler.

Kashmiris rose up. Their uprising was brutally crushed by the Maharaja with the support of the British. More than 200,000 Kashmiri Muslims were killed and around 300,000 fled to the Pakistani side of Kashmir.

Maharaja’s favorite past pastime was persecuting Muslims including skinning them alive. Unable to put up with Maharaja’s sadistic barbarity his Prime Minister Albion Bannerji, a Bengali Christian, resigned.

In a public statement he stated that Maharaja treated Muslims like dump driven cattle, press was nonexistent and the economic ..... Read complete article in my website www.latheeffarook.net

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Twin faces of Indian policy on Kashmir
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