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By:Atif Shahzad, Pakistan
Date: Wednesday, 7 August 2019, 9:41 pm

I have been doing research on islam since many years and gone through many things . I started doing it as i was not convinced about islam as i have been learning from my childhood like maulive in masjid present it in juma khutba.

I have been thinking GOD gave us a world where we cant do anything , And its difficult to follow. I born in sunni family . then i started listening shia scholars then i realised a whole new world that sunnis dun know, I thought may be this is right , then i was really confused about , jang e jamal safain and karbala , how abu bakr and umar can go against hazrat fatima and ali , how the teachings of prophet vanished on the day when prophet leaved us on earth.

Then same ahadees and content which was all sexual , i was amazed how bikharee and imams can say all this . but if we discuss here anything with any one u get out of islam in first 2 minutes of discussion.

then i came accross with dr israr ul islam youtube channel , he was entirely different and say yeh namazon aur rozo wala islam haa hee nahee.

now after reading ur book criminals of isalam and karbala fact or fiction i can say all sahaba were right and there is no confusion otherwise u have to blame some or leave some .

now i am confused about 5 times namaz daily as this is major portion of daily routine and we have to engage after few hours , but once i read that how 5 times were given like on miraj and moses told go back , it is not convincing that a very serious matter related to daily life is being settled like this on 7th sky. and after that 5 times were fixed

please guide where in islam five time prayer is written , do prophet prey 5 times and with all sunnat maukda etc , in quran there is no verse like 5 times a days , it should b there as it relates daliy routine of a muslim?

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