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Ali Kemal Bey’s great grandson is Boris Johnson
By:Dr. Bican Shahin, Turkey
Date: Friday, 26 July 2019, 7:31 pm


Learn something new everyday!!

For the History buffs out there...

Consider the following...

At this time a century ago, the Interior Minister of Turkey was

Ali Kemal Bey, who had established the Anglophile Society,

advocating that Turkey become a British protectorate

(like Kuwait, Qatar and Johor were at that time).

He was hopelessly on the wrong side of history!

When Atatürk completed the reconquest of Turkey from

British, French, Italian, Greek and Armenian control

in November 1922, Atatürk’s colleague, General Nureddin,

had Ali Kemal captured; he was then lynched and

hanged from a tree.

Ali Kemal Bey’s great grandson, Boris Johnson, has become Prime Minister of the UK!

Ali Kemal’s son, Osman Wilfred Kemal, changed his name

to Wilfred Johnson, taking his maternal grandmother’s

maiden name.

Ali Kemal was a journalist and politician, just as

his grandson Stanley Johnson was.

Stanley’s sons, Boris and Jo, are both former journalists and

ministers, and their sister, Rachel Sabiha Johnson,

carries Ali Kemal’s second wife’s name as her middle name!

Finally the Ottoman Turks have conquered Great Britain.

Ertugrul Gaza the great Bey of the Kayi and the

Turkish Orghuz tribes and his son Osman, the founder and

first Sultan of the Ottoman Empire must be smiling from

eternity and the grave right now.

One of their descendants is about to preside over the affairs

of the seat and heart of the old British Empire and he is

about to take Britain out of Europe!

Shakespeare's Othello must be a very happy man too.

This is indeed the revenge of the Turks!

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