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Who is a practicing Muslim?
By:Dr Shabbir, Florida
Date: Friday, 26 July 2019, 4:27 pm

Who is a practicing Muslim?

Generally a practicing Muslim is supposed to be a NAMAAZI, one who prays five times a day :-) But this is an Un-Quranic concept.

The Qur'an consistently stresses on fulfilling human rights and benefiting humanity.

13:17 He sends down water from the height causing the riverbeds to flow according to their measure and the flood bears on its surface swelling foam. When they use fire to refine metals for their jewelry or equipment, foam is produced like it. In this way, God is citing for you the example of the truth and falsehood. For, as far as the foam is concerned, it passes away as scum upon the riverbanks - While that which is of benefit to mankind, exists on earth. This is how God uses analogies for you to understand. [The real existence on earth is of that which benefits humanity. 68:35]

70:22 ...... the Musalleen (from Salaat - are not the so-called ritualistic praying ones, but)
70:23 Those who always follow the Divine System.
70:24 Those in whose wealth and possessions is a known right,
70:25 For him who asks for help, and for him who is deprived.
70:26 Those who have conviction in the Day of Judgment. [And therefore, in the Law of Recompense]
70:27 Those who are fearful of their Lord’s requital.
70:28 (They know that) none can feel secure against their Lord’s requital.
70:29 (Still Musalleen are also) Those men and women who maintain their chastity.
70:30 They have intimate relations only with their spouses – that is, those who are rightfully theirs through wedlock. For such relationship they are free of blame. [‘Aw’ = Or = That is = And. 23:5-7]
70:31 But anyone who seeks beyond this, those are the transgressors.
70:32 (And Musalleen are) Those who guard their trusts and duties assigned to them, and their pledges, as a shepherd guards his flock.
70:33 Those who are truthful as witness and stand by their testimony.
70:34 Those who consolidate and protect the Divine System.
70:35 (Musalleen are the ones who collectively build paradise on earth and inherit that in the Hereafter.) They will be the honored ones dwelling in the Gardens of bliss.
70:36 What then, is the matter with the rejecters that they rush to and fro before you, confused? [Instead of joining hands]
70:37 On the right and on the left, in groups.
70:38 Does every one of them hope to enter the Garden of bliss with this attitude?
70:39 Nay! They know with what We created them. [They know that humans have been created like other members of the animal kingdom. Intellect and free will make humans different. Thus they can strive for the Garden of bliss]
70:40 But nay! I call to Witness the Lord of all points in the East and all points in the West, We are Able,
in the West, We are Able,
70:41 To replace them by others better than they are. And We are not to be outrun.