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My husband made a commitment
By:Sekalema Hamza, Uganda
Date: Wednesday, 10 July 2019, 8:28 pm

Jul 9 at 2:04 PM

To: uganda-muslim-brothers-and-sisters@googlegroups.com
Very Inspiring...

On Tue, Jul 9, 2019 at 7:58 PM 'Afuwa Kasule' via Uganda Muslim Brothers and Sisters wrote:

3 Years ago my husband made a commitment to read the Quran in its entirety once a month.

For the past 3 years I have been sitting and watching him read. As time went by I watched him grow to a man whose iman, patience and faith increased with each page he turned.

You see when I first met my husband he was a man with little knowledge, he was living on his own and had been doing so since he was 15. He didn't know what halal meat was, nor what ramadan represented and rarely used the Arabic language.

I on the other hand had been raised with the knowledge of Islam my entire life, had been taught how to pray from an early age and was sent to Arabic school throughout my childhood but I had yet to read the Quran in its entirety.

As I watched my husband last night I became envious, here he was detached from the world around him and all its distractions, reading.

I was envious because I had spent the last 3yrs preoccupied with other things, my favorite TV show, getting the housework done, scrolling through facebook, anything else, but turning the pages of the gift that was sent by the Almighty to guide us and soften our hearts.

You see the Quran has the ability to change lives and help you grow and prosper, my husband is proof of this but without opening it's pages you will never know this.

Last night as I watched him close the Quran after reading the final chapter, I opened mine and made the same commitment that my husband had made 3years ago.

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