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Muslims remain frightened in SL
By:Latheef Farook, Sri Lanka
Date: Sunday, 7 July 2019, 8:16 pm

Muslims remain frightened as the government failed to protect them in the past

Sinhala extremist group Bodu Bala Sena, BBS, known for inciting violence against Muslims, is organizing a conference in Kandy today to be attended by monks from all over the Island.

This meeting is organized, despite emergency regulations in force, by BBS General Secretary Galadoga Aththe Gnanasara Thera, released from prison by President Sirisena. This comes at a time when anti-Muslim campaign has made the community isolated and ostracized.

Neither police nor any other authority did not stop this provocative meeting which has all the ingredients to provoke violence against Muslims.

Though he claimed that he has changed since he was released Gnanasara Thera remains unchanged. For example he brought a Muslim woman married to a Sinhalese man to a media conference on July 2 to speak about her harassment by Muslims for marrying a Sinhalese man. This was a clear move to poison Sinhalese minds against Muslims.

Within days, contradicting this claim, people from the Atulugama village where Sinhalese and Muslims live like one family pointed out that this Muslim woman was first married to a Muslim man whom she divorced and married a Sinhalese man. They have two children and the villagers were disturbed that, they suspected, she was living with another person and informed the police.