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Explainer of Qur’an: Allah or Messenger?
By:abdalaziz ariff / indiana
Date: Thursday, 4 July 2019, 7:08 pm

Explainer of Qur’an: Allah or Messenger?

“You are Hadiths Refuter, you can’t understand Qur’an in right way without Hadiths, messenger was sent not only to deliver the message but to explain the scripture too…”-That’s the claim, which is made against real Islam just to demolish its simple and easy teachings by including paganism through the bridge of Hadiths. Lets explore the truth:

Messengers’ Duty: To Explain or To Proclaim???

The word “Messenger” implies its clear meaning itself, messenger means a person who delivers the message as same as he is told to deliver.Similarly, Qur’anic Perspective has same meaning of messenger, messengers’ duty was just to deliver or to proclaim the message without the intervention of theirs’ wills:

“O you messenger, deliver what is revealed to you from your Lord – until you do, you have not delivered His message” Qur’an 5:67

”But if they turn away, We have not sent you as a guardian over them. Your duty is to convey/deliver the message. When We cause humans to taste of grace form Us, they rejoice in it. But if a calamity befalls them as a consequence of what their hands have sent forth, then, man is ungrateful.”42:48

“And obey God and obey the messenger and be cautious; but if you turn back, then know that the sole duty of the messenger is the deliverance (of the message)” 5:92

“And obey God and obey the messenger, but if you turn back, then upon Our messenger is the sole duty of the clear delivery (of the message)” 64:12

“(O Messenger!) Whether We show you what We promise them, or cause you to die before that, your duty is to convey the message. And the reckoning is Ours.” 13:40

“The messenger’s duty is to convey the message, and God knows what you declare and what you hide.” 5:99

Muhammad wasn’t allowed even to force people to believe on the message:

“We know full well what they say, but you shall not, by any means, force them (to believe). However, remind with this Qur’an, any who would fear My warning!” 50:45

Muhammad[AS] wasn’t different than any “Bashar”:

“Say (O Muhammad), “I am no more than a human like you, being inspired that your god is one god. Those who hope to meet their Lord shall work righteousness, and never worship any other god beside his Lord” 18:110

Prophet Muhammad[AS] never issued anything on the ground of theology outside the Qur’an(or by his own will), if he would do that then he would have severe punishment by God:

“Certainly, this is the utterance of a noble messenger. This is not the utterance of a poet. Seldom do you choose to believe.Nor is it the word of a soothsayer. Little of your intellect do you bring to use.It is a revelation from the Lord of the worlds.And if he had ascribed his sayings to Us,We would have taken him by the right hand, And would have cut off his Aorta. And none of you could stop Us from doing that.” 69:40-47

It is clear therefore that Muhammad’s[AS] duty was just to deliver the message. That’s why he was given the titles of “Mubashireen” and Munazireen” in many verses(18:56 and 19:97)

Explainer of Qur’an: Glorious Allah

It is clear therefore that Deliverance of Qur’an was the responsibility of Muhammad[AS], then a question arises “who explains Qur’an?”. Answer to that question is “Allah”. Yes, He is Allah who explains Qur’an.

“The Most Gracious. Teacher of the Qur’an” 55:1-2

“Do not move your tongue to hasten it. It is we who will collect it into Qur’an. Once we recite it, you shall follow such a Qur’an. Then it is WE who will
explain it.” 75:16-19

How does Allah explain??….. answer is by “the words of Qur’an” means by his revealed words(69:43). Qur’an is easy to understand(54:32,17,22,40). It can be observed in various verses of glorious Qur’an that He is Allah who explains Qur’an.

“We have given them a Book of knowledge that explains the guidance in full detail. It is a mercy for those who accept it.” 7:52

” …Note how We use Tasreef, explaining Our verses from various vantage points, that men and women may understand”.6:65

“It is such that We clarify the ayats to a people who think.”10:24

” It is thus that We put forth the revelations and that they may say: “You have studied,” and We will make it clear for a people who know.” 6:105

” And the Day We send to every nation a witness against them from themselves, and We have brought you as a witness against these. And We have sent down to you the Scripture as a clarification for all things, and a guide and mercy and good tidings to those who have submitted.”16:89

“It is such that God clarifies to you His revelations that you may comprehend.” 2:242

Now, it is clear therefore that He is Allah who explains Qur’an and he was Muhammad(AS) who proclaimed the message, like other messengers without any alteration.

Note: No Hadith is allowed to be believed beside the Qur’an, on the ground of theology( 45:6 , 77:50, 7:185 and 31:6). Qur’an is the best Hadith “Ahsan Hadith” (39:23) and best Tafseer “Ahsan Tafseer”(25:33)-“Best” is superlative degree, comparative is “Better” which isn’t used here. Now, its your turn to follow it alone(7:3) and act on it.

Salamun Aluikum(6:54)


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