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A Planned, Systematic and Persistent Destruction
By:Shuja ur Rahman Khan, Karachi
Date: Sunday, 23 June 2019, 10:02 pm
In Response To: Can we call the wolf-lamb friction a war? (Dr Shabbir, Florida)

A Planned, Systematic and Persistent Destruction of Muslim Ummah

A wake-up call / when the ship of Pakistan sinks, the upper deck will go down with it.

Dear Well wishers of Pakistan and the Ummah

The Two World Wars not work of Muslims , Jews Massacre , Hiroshima , Nagasaki ,Slaves Deaths and Sufferings, Native Americans Hunting , Fake 9/11 , Lies about Egypt ,Vietnam , Iraq and Libya , Down Fall of Mughal and Ottoman Empires and Fake and Engineered Current Violence with Creation and Support with funds and weapons of Jihadi Groups plus all cooked up Media Reporting ..............it’s nothing to do with Islam.

It’s all to keep their wheels of War Economy Moving.
Talking of War on Terror, Violence, Religious Extremism ........the truth is that:
It is the Agenda of Greater Israel .

But Nuclear Pakistan is a deterrent, an obstacle on the way to Madinah Almonawara and the Holy Land of Makkah Almokarrama.
They first divided the Arabs into tiny defenseless States by an engineered dismantling of Ottoman Empire .
Reduced Turkey to nothing. Thanks to Lawrence of Arabia.

Following the same sinister plan they have already dismembered Pakistan ,murdered the OIC architect Z.A. Bhutto and King of Saudi Arabia Shah Faysal ,devastated Iran of shah Reza Pahlavi , Egypt of Sadat , Libya of Gadafi , Afghan of Taliban , Iraq of strong Saddam , already eyeing for uranium rich Sudan , Yemen and Syria with bases in Saudi Arabia , Kuwait , Qatar and else where, they have virtually made all possible deterrents in-effective.

Thus a Planned , Systematic and Persistent Destruction of Muslim Ummah is going on un-checked .
It is shameful for the World Judiciary if G.W.Bush ,Tony Blair and their cronies are going to be free men after causing millions of deaths , twice as much injuries , driving the world to an un-ending turmoil, destroying properties and resources of billions of Dollars , wasting Trillions on illegitimate and illegal wars and covert activities, hiring mercenaries to kill unarmed , helpless Iraqis , Afghans and others supporting usurpers and dictators, making the whole world unsafe by compromising on world peace and mutual trust and leaving one third of the world's masses jobless.

All the violence all over the World, by and large, is engineered by various vested interests such as Arms, War , Oil and Reconstruction Industry, under a very few Filthy Rich families in the West ,the measles of Mankind, the Sickly Bunch of Idiots who do not know their Real Needs, who own the World’s Resources, the Institutions of Finances and Money, the Arms and War Industry, the menacing Beverage and Tobacco Industry, the real Murderers, Plunderers and Employers of all Crime Mafias.

Thus the Wars must be fought to keep their Arms and Reconstruction Industry Running.

Conflicts are created and nourished to keep us all in need of Arms and to remain under Political and Financial Hegemony of the West. Oil prices are kept high to keep us struggling for a piece of loaf while making our Economies and Industry uncompetitive and not viable.

Boundaries have been settled, Countries have been given their Sovereign status, UNO and Security Council is there, the World Courts are functioning why then we need Defenses and Armies? Let us make a call to dismantle NATO and organize a peace keeping Army under the supervision of UNO General Assembly as the UNO's Biased Security Council has utterly failed in giving and maintaining Peace to the World's Humanity.

The World needs a meaningful and complete De-weaponization and an over all Financial Re-structuring to end all that chaos and wide spread In-equality ,Poverty ,Deprivation and Violence to afford a peaceful, prosperous, comfortable living with respect and honour to the Humanity currently existing under fear and hopelessness.

Let us thus demand forcefully an end of wasteful indulgences thru UNO legislation and an Arms Free, Tax Free, Disease Free culture, only UNO controlled Armed Forces and an end to the un-democratic, draconian Veto powers.
War is a cowardice escape from problems of peace and the violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.
Let us thus break-away from all such cowards and incompetent from the world scene for good and let us have peace the world-over.
When we have lost every thing, We still have the future in our hand. Let us thus not loose the hope.

As is said.....What ends well is well .Let us together commit ourselves to find simple solutions for our complex problems. Let us get going with the task of re-creating Pakistan's Northern Areas. Northern Areas , with the help of the Donor countries , UNO specific relevant Funds, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet foundations, the UNICEF , the Universal Medical Profession , Health Ministries, Medicine Industry , Health Industry plus with cooperation of local population and support of 40 Richest Families in Pakistan and the Lending Institutions, Gulf Sovereign Funds etc, may be developed as a complex of Mega Medical Cities for our Global community with Universities for Students and Hospitals for the Sick from all over the World with Homes for neglected and separated , mostly Western, Elderly for a managed living to spend their final days in comfort of beautiful valleys, excellent climate, healthy environment at a friction of the cost they incur back at their home places with secured Hostels for the Students ,Doctors , paramedical staff and the Teaching faculties plus Hotels for the visitors thereby making those areas economically viable and self sustainable providing at the same times employment and skill enhancement opportunities for the local population to live in peace while engaged in bread earning noble tasks in the field of health services.
The problems in Baluchistan including it's poor governance are all the work of CIA to facilitate CIA's active involvement in Drug Trade and Massive Smuggling operations to generate Funds for it's covert and illegal operations within Pakistan , all with the share and patronage of our ruling clique.Please check on it's detailed account from Syed Talat Hussain of Dawn News TV.

Our Superior Courts owe this to the Nation to halt all of this menace costing the Country approximately a Billion every 24 hours.
Let us , as members of OIC ,get all the money back to where that belong from EU and USA and from rest of the World relating to ousted leaders and all the other looters, plunderers and corrupt held outside. Also let us get due markup and interest back as well as compensation and value of Resources , more particularly of Oil stolen and squandered by the West and USA

While time has come that the Jurists , both serving and retired , the world over , assume the role they are charged with as law professionals and set-up tribunals to try war criminals and economically corrupt starting from beginning of 19th century , covering all such criminals and place the facts on record and punish them all, whether dead or alive to account for millions of deaths the World over by illegal and illegitimate wars and immoral aggressions with the aim of restoring the World Peace.
With my very best regards,

Shuja ur Rahman Khan
163 Khayaban-e-Hafiz , Phase- 6 , D.H.A. , Karachi -75500 , Tel : 0092300 8271630

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