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Re: OMG! Saudi Fakes Moon Sighting
By:jawaid ahmed
Date: Friday, 21 June 2019, 7:48 am
In Response To: OMG! Saudi Fakes Moon Sighting (Ibraheem Sannuti, Qatar)


1193 MONDAY 3 Jun 11:01
The New Moon came into existence on Monday the 3rd June and the New Month and first day for Eid was on TUESDAY.

So the video is more nonsense because people follow their lord and master mullas instead of Allah! The Saudis were right on this point.

The New Moon, as stated in the video, can be calculated with 100% accuracy for the next tens of thousands of years, BUT because Bukharians want to worship this man instead of Allah and His Messenger, they ignore the QUR'AN, which says set your calender's BY THE NEW MOONS, they have to make up excuses for not following the Saudis and starting a new month a day late!

It is the height of hypocrisy to not accept the New Moon is in existence with the excuse "I CANNOT SEE IT", "FAKE NEWS", when by the laws of Allah it is there. Why they cannot see it on television via satellite, telescope, or other observation by someone elsewhere in the world is beyond a joke and makes THEM a laughing stock.

2:189 (Self-control is a life-long commitment extending beyond the month of Ramadhan.) They ask you (O Messenger) about the phases of the Moon. Say, “They are calendars to help mankind determine certain seasons such as Hajj.” But know that righteousness can never be achieved by entering the System through the back door of ritualism. Only he who lives an upright life attains it. Enter the Divinely ordained Way of Life straightforward as you must enter houses through their gates. Live upright so that you may reap a rich harvest. [2:138, 2:177, 2:208. There is no such thing as a part-time Muslim]

6:96 He is the Cleaver of the daybreak. He has appointed the night for stillness, (rest and tranquillity) and the sun and the moon to run their well-calculated courses. They become means of calculating time for you (10:5). Such is the Design of the All-Powerful, the All-Knowing.

10:5 He it is, Who appointed the sun as a splendid glow, and the moon as a cool light. He appointed stages for the moon, in due measure. You make your calculations and calendars accordingly. God has created the Universe as the Absolute Reality and for a Purpose. God explains His verses for those who wish to learn. [The Universe is neither a dream as the ancient Hindu philosopher Manu preached, nor a reflection of the world of ideas as Plato thought. 6:97, 17:12]

14:33 And made the sun and the moon, both of them constant on their courses - And committed the night and the day to serve you.

55:5 The sun and the moon run by a mathematical design. [Such are the changeless Divine Laws]

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