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Who was Mohammad Morsi?
By:Abida Rahmani, RWP
Date: Wednesday, 19 June 2019, 6:27 pm

Who was Morsi...

A qualified Ph.D. Scientist, Engineer & Professor of California University, who also happened to work with NASA returned to
his country Egypt in 1985...

Mohammad Morsi was not an ordinary politician...

He was the only democratically elected President of Egypt

The hero of Arab spring returned to Egypt from California USA in 1985 & joined Egyptian Zagazig University as Professor.

Where he later became as head of the Engineering Department & continue to serve till 2010.

He was the member of the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamic Movement in the Middle East similar to Jamaat-e-Islami.

With the support of the movement, he becomes of the member of the parliament in 2000.

After the removal of Hosan e Mubarak, he ran for president during the 2012 presidential election.

He becomes President by winning not just one but two elections.

As soon as he assumed office, he becomes critical in the eyes of USA & Zionists state due to his Pro-Islamic & Pro-Palestinian policies.

He openly supported Hamas in Palestine.

He was passionate to transform the country into an Islamic Welfare state.

He was forcefully removed from office by the Military General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in coup d'├ętat in July 2013. Which result in the massacre of thousands of unarmed civilians supporters.

Defender of Palestine & Islam was facing false charges treason since 2013. He was allegedly tortured & denied medical assistance many times.

He embraces Shahadat during the court appearance in miltary suponsored court.

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